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How essential oils can positively influence our stress levels

"All emotions, even those that you successfully suppress, have an effect on the body. Emotions that are not expressed work in your body like little ticking time bombs - they are early stage diseases."

Thorsten Weiss

Just a few years ago, I had no idea essential oils were my influence my feelings and therefore my stress level can. I now know that it has even been scientifically proven that these have an influence on our emotions. As soon as we pick up smells through our nose, they affect our emotional control center in our brain and our limbic system off. In the limbic system is the seat of our Feelings, thoughts, hormones and emotions.

In a few seconds essential oils reach our nervous system and then they enter our bloodstream. There they have a powerful healing effect on the entire body system and all organs. In order to cope with stress. emotional balance Basic requirement. If we are able to accept our feelings and deal with them in an appropriate way, stress cannot simply throw us off track.

Essential oils are made from petals, leaves, bark and roots of plants and offer a natural remedy against feelings of stress. This can be beneficial if you regularly feel stressed and are looking for a natural alternative to reduce stress, or if you are looking for short-term relief from situations such as Audit or want an interview.


The Aromatherapy is a complementary and alternative healing practice that uses the healing power of fragrances from essential oils of plants to Body, mind and soul in harmony to bring. Essential oils can be diluted with water and diffused into the air, or a few drops can be gently applied to the body (always diluted at best). Essential oils of therapeutic quality can even be taken internally.

A large number of studies have shown that certain essential oils used in aromatherapy can help to reduce stress, relax the body and provide a better Sleep to promote. In the following I will refer to my 4 most popular essential oils for stress reduction enter:

Lavender oil

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils. Its soothing fragrance has long been associated with relaxation and sleep, which is why it is often used as a natural cure for anxiety is used. It can help calm the nervous system and helps with inner peace, sleep, restlessness, irritability, panic attacks, nervous stomach and general nervous tension.

lavender oil

Apart from this, lavender is probably the most rigorously studied essential oil. Most different investigations show, lavender anxiety-reducing effects and positive effects on Depressions has.

Incense oil

Frankincense is also often used to relax, reduce stress and relieve anxiety. Research suggests that frankincense can contribute to to create a calm atmosphereto increase the well-being and even the Improve concentration. Many of these advantages are attributed to the anti-inflammatory action which shows this essential oil.

The warm, soothing scent of essential incense oil can help to calm the mind and relieve mental stress. Because of these properties, incense has been used in Eastern traditional medicine for thousands of years.

Bergamot oil

Essential oils from Citrus fruits are considered to be invigorating, and mood-lifting and all have mostly very similar ingredients. An exception and a very special essential citrus oil is the essential oil of bergamot.


Because of its ingredients and its rather calming effect, it is sometimes also called "Lavender of citrus oils" or "aromatherapy antidepressant". It can also relieve symptoms of depression such as fatigue, dejection and disinterest.

Clary sage oil

Aromatherapy uses the power of clary sage to calm the mind and reduce feelings of anxiety. It can help to reduce stress as it creates a feeling of well-being when inhaled through the nose. For example, a small study conducted on women undergoing a stressful medical test showed that the essential oil from clary sage is able to induce a feeling of well-being when inhaled through the nose. sense of relaxation and to the hypotension contributed.

How essential oils can reduce stress

Essential oils contain tiny molecules that are quickly absorbed by the body. Due to this fast absorption you can Feel the benefits of an oil within 20 minutes.


As explained above, inhaling the aromas of essential oils stimulates the olfactory nerves in the nose. These nerves then communicate - as already mentioned - with the limbic system in your brain. The limbic system, often referred to as the "emotional brainIt is directly connected to other parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress and hormone balance.

This is why our sense of smell is so closely linked to our emotional reactions and mood, or rather, why certain smells remind us of past experiences.

About the skin

Essential oils can also - preferably diluted with a carrier oil - be applied to the skin. The small molecules of the oil quickly penetrate the bloodstream and are transported through the body, whereby Muscle tensions and general pain caused by stress can be relieved.

Internal intake

The use of essential oils for internal purposes is limited to oils of therapeutic quality. The internal intake has specific advantages for different organs or cells. Certain oils can be taken in three ways: In food, in capsules or by direct consumption.

The following positive health effects can be achieved by the internal intake of essential oils of therapeutic quality:

  • Support of the Immune System
  • Cleaning of the internal body systems
  • Support of the normal digestive process
  • Calming of the Nervous system
  • Support of the Cardiovascular system
  • Preservation of antioxidants to protect against free radical damage
  • Support for the Airways

Further possibilities

Here are some more simple ways you can take advantage of the soothing benefits of your favorite essential oil

  • Put a few drops in a Handkerchief and inhale the aroma for quick, soothing relief.
  • Mix essential oils of your choice with Water in a spray bottleto get a soothing perfume (you can, for example, spray it on a scarf that you wear throughout the day).
  • Add to your Bad add a few drops for a warm, relaxing bath.
  • Spray some oil on your Cushionto enjoy a restful night's sleep.
  • Use a Diffuser for long-lasting peace in your home.
  • With a carrier oil or a not perfumed Body lotion mix to massage tense muscles.

This article is a guest contribution from Susanne Kaufmann.


When I came across the essential oils from doTERRA over 2 years ago, a new world opened up in front of me. When I noticed how good these oils do me and my family, it was clear to me relatively quickly that I would like to pass them on to others and I started my own business while I was still on maternity leave.

With much love and ease, I can now share my passion for essential oils with many others. If you would like to learn more about the topic "essential oils and stress relief", you can contact me at contact. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram or visit my Website.