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Having everything, feeling nothing - Why am I not happy?

I am not yet 30, have worked for about eight years in large corporations at home and abroad, most recently as a manager. In recent years I have received various scholarships and awards. I completed my studies alongside my full-time job, founded an association for children in need at the age of 22 and bought my first property at 26.

When I met new people at a birthday party and told them that I was a manager in a large corporation, I could literally see how my counterpart fell into enthusiasm and suddenly saw me with different eyes - a big "wow" was written all over his face. In job interviews or when getting to know managers, my CV also triggered enthusiasm again and again. And what about me?

I had everything and felt nothing

More money, the next great job title - all that was short-lived happiness. Inside something was missingsomething big. I quit and resolved to be happy again. Of course, this was a longer process, which is beyond the scope of this article.

However, I have found five methods that contribute enormously to happiness. And insanely, these methods are quite simple in fact.

1. be grateful

Take a few minutes first thing in the morning, close your eyes and think of everything you are grateful for. Maybe hesitant at first, you will quickly be amazed how many wonderful things you already have in your lifefor which you can be thankful.

Practicing gratitude on a regular basis and seeing the good side of life will cause you to more and more positive things and feel happier and happier.

2. take time for yourself

Put your to-do list aside and put a firm date in your probably full calendar: Time for you. Taking care of yourself is at least as important as any other appointment. During this time you can do whatever is good for you. Take a hot bath, Sport go to the gym, get a massage, listen to music or read. The main thing is that it brings you joy and you do it with pleasure from the heart.

3. nurture your inner child

Just because you're an adult doesn't mean your favorite childhood activities are any less fun. Remember what you really enjoyed as a child. Maybe swinging, eating ice cream with colored sprinkles or watching a cartoon series? Pick something, do it and enjoy it to the fullest!

4. give joy

When you give pleasure to others, it is also good for yourself - according to the motto: "Making people happy makes them happy". Think about who you would like to do something good for. Maybe you send a few flowers without a specific reason? Or ask at the children's home if you can do something good for the children there?

You can also send someone nice words - it doesn't always have to be something expensive or big. The main thing is that you give joy to the person.

5. from multi-tasking to mindfulness

Multi-tasking is not a good and healthy skill, but a behavior that promotes stress. Whatever you do, do only that one thing and focus your attention fully on that thing. This is a significant step that will help you be less stressed and therefore happier.

There is a nice story about this from the Zen Buddhism:

Some students ask their Zen master why he is so content and happy. The Zen master answers, "When I stand, I stand; when I walk, I walk; when I sit, I sit; when I eat, I eat; when I love, I love...". "So do we," his disciples replied, "but what do you do beyond that?" you asked again.

The Master replied, "When I stand, I stand, when I walk, I walk, when I ...". Again his disciples said, "But we are doing that too, Master!" But he said to his disciples, "No - if you are sitting, you are already standing; if you are standing, you are already walking; if you are walking, you are already there."

These five methods are simple and very effective and have helped me a lot on my way to happiness. I hope they help you as well.

Life is precious, perhaps short - and therefore much too bad not to be happy.

This article is a guest contribution from Kerstin Fuhrmann.


I am a coach and trainer for self-actualization, meaning and mindfulness. My own story has moved me to accompany other people to lead a happy and self-actualized life. Together we find out what they really want in life and then implement this. For this I offer different programs, individual coaching and workshops. Inspiration and more information can be found on my Website, Instagram and Facebook.