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Application service: Job change without stress

Your current Job just drains you? Or are you just after a completed Study or a completed vocational training looking for the start of your career? Then the next step for you is probably a demanding application process. The preparation of a convincing application often takes a lot of time and especially a lot of nerves.

Application services have made it their business to help you with your application, so that you can find your way through the jungle of all the requirements for applicants. This allows you a stress-free start into the next career step.

How does an application service help me?

A professional job application service convinces with a team of experts who help you to prepare a convincing application. With their linguistic skills you can highlight your strengths. The composition of an application is always relatively similar in Germany. The personnel departments usually request a CV and a letter of application from the applicants.

An at least semi-structured Resume most seem to still manage to some extent. Even if this requires intensive formatting work in Word. Here come but also already first Questions about the formatting and relevance of some stations on.

The big pressure then usually sets in at the Cover letter one. Here many despair of the linguistic elaboration and correct setting of priorities, in order to present their existing competencies in a meaningful way.

  • What all belongs in a letter of application?
  • How long can it be?
  • What elements do I need to include to convince the company?

This is exactly where experts from a professional application service can help. They will work out your application documents for you in a structured process.

Procedure for an application service

The application professionals possess special linguistic skills and have a Market overview about what companies require and how they can be specifically convinced by an applicant. The process begins with the submission of your documents (usually CV and job advertisement).

The experts review your documents and assess how they can help you. They select the right product for you and ask specific questions about your profile.

In this way, the application service employees get to know you and see what is important to you in your application and how this can be brought together with the requirements of the company. The elaboration begins. The experts structure your CV, set priorities and filter out irrelevant data.

In the textual preparation of your cover letter, they pick up on your competencies and bring them in line with the job posting. The Matching of the advertisement and your profile is particularly important. Your soft skills are presented convincingly and it is shown why you are the right candidate for the desired position.

The textual elaboration can thereby still be suitable application design be supplemented. Thus, you also stand out visually from your competitors and can graphically underline your competencies again.

The work of professionals pays off here, as they know which designs might suit you and the position you are aiming for. In addition, the linguistic versatility of the employees is the right approach to also in a cover letter on a DIN A4 page your relevant skills to work out meaningful and thus to convince the personnel manager.

How do I find the right application service?

There are different providers on the market. In order to find the right application service that creates high-quality documents for you, you should consider a few points:

1. reviews and experiences of other customers

Look at the experiences of previous customers on relevant rating portals. A certain number of reviews should already have been collected so that you can get a reasonable picture. In most portals, the reviews are again divided into different categories. So you can possibly set your personal focus and see how the service is rated there.

2. personal contact person

In order to create a meaningful application, it requires a personal contact person. This ensures that you get your individual wishes processed and you have someone to turn to.

3. a broad portfolio

Nowadays, the application does not stop with the CV and cover letter. Additional products such as a letter of motivation, the analysis and creation of a XING presence or a short profile should be part of the offer of a good application service. present yourself on different platforms and in various ways.

Conclusion on application services

As you can see, a job application service can give you competent assistance in order to stress-free into the new job to come. So that you don't have to spend endless time reading up on the expectations of HR departments, you can rely on the expertise of professionals with a clear conscience. Ghostwriting your application is nothing illegal. Look at it this way: you're getting help with your application because the job is so important to you that you're willing to spend money on it up front.

We wish you good luck with your job search and look forward to your Contact!

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We have been on the market as a professional application service since 2011 and rely on individually prepared documents, which we create in cooperation with the customer. Each customer receives a personal contact person and is supervised by an application expert.

We are one of the market leaders with almost 30,000 applications created, for students up to executives, and we bring in-depth experience in various application topics.