autogenes training

Autogenic training

Autogenic training is a very good way to relax. It was developed from hypnosis by the Berlin psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz at the beginning of the 20th century and is based on autosuggestion. Today it is very common and its effect has been confirmed and proven in many studies.

The term "autogenic training" comes from the Greek and means "to produce something yourself". So with autogenic training you generate Peace and relaxation inside you yourself. Depending on your preferences, you can do the relaxation exercises either sitting or lying down. Most people prefer the lying position.

How does autogenic training work?

Autogenic training works according to the principle of Autosuggestion. Through various formulas the body is brought into a state of inner peace and relaxation and positively influenced. In everyday life, we often use such formulas subconsciously, but still specifically to calm us down: "Stay calm!" you have certainly often told yourself when you notice that a situation is stressing you and you have to try to stay calm. So here you automatically apply the first basic formula.

The four basic formulas

  1. The rest formula
    The resting formula ensures that the feeling of peace and quiet and Balance spreads.
    This is the basic goal of all relaxation exercises. If you say to yourself in stressful situations: "Stay calm" or "I am calm", you will feel how you come to rest inside and your body begins to relax.
  2. The gravity formula
    This is where you try to Muscle Tension by consciously focusing on it. Through sentences such as "The right arm is heavy", you feel how your right arm feels increasingly heavy. It seems as if the arm sinks further and further down and you feel the decreasing muscle tension.
  3. The heat formula
    When your body begins to relax, the blood vessels dilate. This leads to an increased Blood circulationwhich creates a pleasant and pleasant feeling. The warmth formula "The right arm is warm" directs the concentration to the blood circulation of the right arm. Through this you perceive the relaxation even better.
  4. The breathing formula
    The aim of the breathing formula is not to make breathing Breathing technique steer. However, if you concentrate specifically on your breathing ("Breathing is calm and even"), you will notice how your breathing actually becomes calmer and more even.

When can autogenic training be used?

In the beginning it is advisable to take 30 minutes every day to consciously relax. It is best to do the exercises lying down with your eyes closed to avoid distraction. You can also play quiet music. There are many good playlists that are suitable for relaxation exercises.

If you have a good command of the exercises and are no longer distracted, then these exercises can be in almost every life situation quickly.

What benefits does autogenic training offer?

Autogenic training offers you:

  • Inner peace and balance
  • Sleeping problems disappear
  • You are mentally fitter
  • You can concentrate better
  • Your psyche becomes more powerful
  • You learn a method how to relax in stressful situations in a targeted manner
  • All in all, this will result in less stress and you will remain calmer and more relaxed in unavoidable stressful situations.