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Avoid moving stress

When the new dream apartment is finally found and the landlord's approval has arrived, the joy is initially enormous. But often the initial euphoria at the thought of the stress of moving quickly evaporates. Because often a move means Uncertainty and can quickly lead to increased Stress and anxiety lead. The stress can burden our psyche, but also our health. We give tips to counteract this scenario.

The move as a trigger for stress and fear

Basically, a move does not have to have any negative side effects, of course. In most cases the opposite is even the case. But some removals also take place under rather tougher conditions instead. It is uncertain whether everything will work out with the deposit of the old flat, whether the move will go according to plan, whether nothing will be damaged, whether the renovation work in the new flat will be completed in time and whether all the furniture will fit in the new flat.

Relocation stress results primarily from the Fearthat something is not working properly during the move itself or that you have forgotten something. After all, your own home is one of the most elementary components of life. The fear of moving does not have to have anything to do with the stress of the move itself, but extends much further into the future. It is the fear of changethat something is getting worse than it was and that you might not feel comfortable in the new four walls in the long run

fear of change

This creates a certain Uncertainty and the question of whether one has chosen the right step. Because a move is often Change in job or a change in private life connected. The fear of change is deeply rooted in the human being and often people prefer to come to terms with a sub-optimal state rather than initiate change. But change is important for our life and personal development.

It is therefore often not advisable to consciously avoid this change, because with a sound preparation, much positive energy and effective countermeasures you can easily get a grip on the stress of moving.

Tips against relocation stress

As is well known, every long journey begins with a small step. Moving is no different. The long list of to-do's in the run-up to the move and during the move itself can be overwhelming. But if you start with peace and quiet and works through a lot of things in advance, the big move is only a Sequencing of small tasks. In addition, there are some helpful tips that will help you to overcome your fear of moving and to Minimize stress can.

allay fears

Consider the worst-case scenario and dispel the doubts. Think before you move how you would react to which problem. This gives you Security and the feeling of being prepared for anything. What else could happen?

Concentration on everything positive

Change also always means, new prospects to have. Enjoy the excitement and focus on the curiosity and desire to try something new. See the move as Challengewhich you can master with ease and draw strength and self-confidence from it. Often it also helps a lot to have a mental Time out to take a few minutes to imagine the new, beautifully furnished apartment in front of his inner eye.

get support

Be sure to find companions. Turn to friends and family. Talk openly about your trials and tribulations. Many problems and fears can then already be eliminated during the conversation or can be cleared up together in advance more easily than expected. Even during the move itself, the many helping hands naturally advantageous and can take a lot of the pressure off you.

An app against moving stress

The Bauhaus relocation helper app is designed to help you arrive at your new home without stress.

Good planning and organisation

Of course, you should give notice to leave your old apartment in time or start early to find a new tenant. The termination of the rental contract is regulated by law and you as a tenant are obliged to adhere to the Deadlines to hold. Normally the notice period is three months and must be in writing - preferably by registered letter.

Paint or no paint? This is often the question when moving out. Always check your tenancy agreement well in advance before you move out. So you avoid nasty surprisesthat could affect your schedule or budget.

Apply for telephone and Internet access in good time

When transferring telephone and Internet connections, be sure to allow for sufficient processing time. Several weeks without Internet and days with long waitt on the technician can often become an unnecessary first annoyance in the new home.

Register or register power

The easiest way to do this online is via the website of the electricity provider. You can check beforehand whether you can simply re-register your existing contract, if one exists.

Forwarding order and relocation notification

Via Forwarding order respectively Relocation notice you make sure that the mail keeps finding its way to you.

Compare prices of vans and removal companies

If you decide to move to be supported by service providersIn any case, it is important to estimate in advance how big your move will be. Then you can compare offers from moving companies to choose the one that suits you best. Also here it is often helpful to get support e.g. from friends with Moving experience ...to get it.

Calculate delivery times for new furniture

In your new apartment or house you may need new furniture. When buying, make sure you calculate the Delivery times with. This avoids the stress of moving and the danger of having to move into an unfurnished apartment.


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To be observed after the move

Once the move is complete, however, there are other things to do:

Registering a new address

In Germany there is a reporting obligation. Depending on your place of residence you have one or two weeks time...to take the hallway to the Registration office to do. It doesn't matter whether you change the place or just the house number in a street. The same applies to a second home. In order not to risk a fine, you should find out about the deadlines at the registration office of your new place of residence. You can also find the office nearest to you via the Authority finder of the Deutsche Post.

Motor vehicle registration

When moving within the town or county or the municipality in the same approval area, only the address in the vehicle registration document is changed ...to leave. In many cases, this can be done directly at the residents' registration office - often also called Bürgeramt or citizens' office.

If you move to another town or municipality, you must register your car with the Vehicle registration office at the new residence to re-register.

Important: The personal re-registration of your place of residence must take place beforehand, because your new place of residence must be stated on your identity card or registration certificate.

Broadcasting contribution

After the move, you will need to provide your new address. You can do this easily conduct online. You only need your contribution number.

Further helpful tips on the subject of moving can also be found at umziehen.de