boreout stress underchallenge

Boreout - Stress through underchallenge

In the working world, the well-known burnout syndrome to join the boreout. Fulfilling the same tasks every day anew, without high demands, variety and the prospect of change - a desirable state of affairs? No! The boredom at work can become Underchallenge and resignation and in the worst case, health problems. Wrong or too few tasks can be the cause.

What's a boreout?

A boreout affects anyone who, due to permanent Boredom and underchallenge is dissatisfied in the workplace. In the long term äsymptoms similar to those of burnout on: fatigue, irritability, frustration and even depression. During boreout you often deal with the following three basic problems:

  • Underchallenge: You have the feeling that you could handle far more demanding and varied tasks.
  • Boredom: You simply have too little to do and feel a sense of lust and helplessness. Again and again your gaze is directed to the clock and you are impatiently awaiting the end of the day.
  • Disinterest: You cannot identify yourself with the job and/or the employer. You are indifferent to the work.

But boreout is not the same as laziness: The person concerned wants to achieve more - you just don't let him.

Further signs of boreout

The following symptoms indicate that you suffer from boreout:

  • You question the meaning of the tasks you have been assigned.
  • Your working day seems endless and you have the feeling that you are only doing your work.
  • During working hours, you do private things in order to use the unused time reasonably.
  • You feel stressed, although you don't have any stress per se.
  • You feel stressed even though you have no stress at all.

What can I do myself if I suffer from boreout?

In most cases you can do something yourself to get out of the situation. The first step is self-knowledge. If you can answer one of the following questions with "Yes", then you have a change in your own hands:

  • Can you make your current job more challenging and interesting by exhausting your own field of activity?
  • Would a Interview with the employer to help bring about a change in the situation?
  • Can you get a Further training or retraining that can help you to take on further or more demanding tasks?
  • Can a change be expected in a few weeks or months? For example, if the order situation changes, you have to support colleagues or tasks are completely redistributed?
  • Can you get the change jobsthat doesn't guarantee you no boredom? Maybe even internally?