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10 simple breathing techniques against stress, which relax you quickly

People who are stressed automatically breathe shallower. But just deep breaths would now help to relax body and mind. Bernita from Wainando has collected 10 breathing techniques for you, with which you can specifically reduce stress. The simplified variations of old Indian exercises are easy to integrate into your everyday life.

1. long deep breathing

The name already reveals what this breathing technique is all about. Take a deep breath and feel how your stomach and lungs fill with air. Enjoy the energy that the deep breath gives you. Then exhale slowly and give away everything you no longer need.

2nd left nostril breathing

Close the right nostril with your right thumb and extend all other fingers. Now breathe slowly through the left nostril. Concentrate completely on your breathing. Nothing else is important now.

3. fire breath (Kapalabhati)

This technique helps you to release tension in your abdomen and to cleanse yourself internally. You breathe like a bellows: Breathe in and out for a second and move your navel back and forth. When you exhale, you can also pull your navel slightly upwards. Make sure that your belly always goes outwards when you breathe in.

4. cannon breathing

Form an "O" with your lips, through which you breathe in and out quickly. The breath is so strong that it resembles a cannon shot. The more energy you put into this exercise, the more you will receive!

5. bee

With this technique you breathe in quickly and hum like a bee when you exhale. The vibration relaxes the neck area. Listen to the sound of your voice until you lose yourself in it. Now your worried thoughts are far away!

6. breathing in four beats

Inhale in four equal parts and then exhale very slowly. The emphasis on exhaling helps you release tension. You can also imagine how all negativity flows out of you.

7. hold your breath

Breathe very relaxed and hold your breath briefly after each inhalation and exhalation. You should remain very relaxed. Enjoy the silence that opens up when the movement of the breath comes to rest.

8. breathing with a mantra

You don't have to recite a Sanskrit word like "Om", you can simply repeat a German word in your head while you breathe relaxed. Terms like "rest", "relaxation", "love" or "peace" can direct your thoughts in the right direction. The more you get involved, the greater the effect.

9. breathing with a mudra

Bring your palms together in front of your chest as you slowly inhale and exhale. Your thumbs are on the sternum. Feel your heart and charge yourself with new strength.

10. arms up

Stand up straight and bring your arms up. This exercise expands your lungs. Now push the elbows through and take a deep breath in and out. You can focus on the point between your eyebrows, for example.

The right exercise

These 3 tips will help you to practice properly:

  • Reserve a certain time of the day for your exercise, for example before breakfast. The more often you use a breathing technique, the more it brings you.
  • If you are very tense and can hardly sit still, do some gymnastic exercises before the breathing meditation or dance around the room to get your strength up.
  • Quiet Relaxation music can help you fall deeper into the exercise.

Avoid these 3 common errors:

  • The more you expect, the less you can relax. Reserve a little time out for yourself, which belongs only to you and in which you don't have to do anything. Just breathe - that is enough.
  • Do not let thoughts distract you, but always come back to your breathing. If you keep digressing, don't get angry, just continue with your exercise.
  • Even if during the Meditation many things come to mind that you still have to do: Stay consistent and allow yourself your deep breaths. All other tasks can wait a few more minutes.

This article is a guest contribution from Bernita Müller


I have trained in yoga and meditation and worked for 20 years in middle management of large tour operators. I am a co-founder of "Wainando", an online tour operator with a focus on yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and nature experiences.

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