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Bullet Journal - just do it

A bullet journal is initially an empty notebook that you can design entirely according to your own wishes. The exact way it is used is also up to you. Be it a planner, calendar, notebook, diary or a combination of many things. You can easily set up and use the Bullet Journal according to your specifications.

Ryder Carroll, the inventor of the Bullet Journal, has provided some basic elements for the design:

  • Index: A kind of table of contents for your journal
  • future logEverything that is important for you in the future
  • Monthly overview: Your appointments and tasks for one month
  • Daily overviewMainly intended as a to-do list

But how you design these individual elements and whether you use them at all, you can decide each day anew individually for yourself.


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My experiences

Whenever I use my Bullet Journal to write something down, people around me are very taken with it. They are amazed and regard it as a work of art. As a result, over the last two years I have inspired many people to start a Bullet Journal. That makes me very happy. My Bullet Journal, also called BuJobut is not just a notebookwhere I can let my creative juices flow. It's much more than that.

It's my calendar, my diary, my notebook, my cookbook. You probably imagine my Bullet Journal to be quite chaotic, because there are so many different things in it. But I can tell you that everything has its place and will be found again immediately.

Because with a Bullet Journal you learn how to organize. You develop the one structure that you can best deal with and tries to optimize it again and again. It never gets boring.

Less chaos, less stress

I am a creative person and it is said that creative people tend to be quite chaotic. That applied really well to me. I had a pretty messy head. My thoughts and ideas buzzed back and forth without order and structure. But through my Bullet Journal I can Putting thoughts and ideas on paper. That way I know that it is written down and I can make room for other things in my head. It helps me avoid a lot Stress in my everyday life because I don't have to remember everything.

Creativity and time for yourself

At the end of the month I take my time and sit down at my desk with a cup of tea. I think about the coming month and try to get inspired by it. How will the month be for me? What events await me? What feelings do I have when I think about the month? What colours and motifs does the month have for me?

After the relaxed brainstorming, I open my Bullet Journal and get going. I draw my monthly cover, make my tables and decide what I want to try out this month. It is very relaxing for me to design my BuJo. It keeps me busy with myself and my environment. In this way I am also getting to know myself better bit by bit.

Don't worry - just do it

I have noticed that people who want to start with a Bullet Journal don't dare and are afraid to do something wrong. From this fear alone, you can learn a lot about yourself and start to wonder why you are afraid of it. Nobody is perfect, and the first page may not look as perfect as it does on the many diagrams that serve as inspiration.

But that's not the decisive factor in bullet journaling. It's your bullet journal and your everyday companion. And if your style is rather sketchy and a bit messy, but you get along with it very well, then make it look a bit "messie".

If you want to do something - do not be afraid that it might not be perfect. Have the guts to do it. This applies to your Bullet Journal, but also to life in general. Your very private "notebook" can be the first step.

This article is a guest contribution from Siri


I am a freshly qualified communications designer. The word creativity has accompanied me my whole life and gives me a lot of pleasure. I love what I do and always try to make the best out of the situation. Always stay positive and enjoy the little things in life.

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