burnout prevention

Burnout prevention

Permanent stress causes the body to constantly release adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisone. The body is on alert. With a constant release of the messenger substances Body and soul out of balance. It is therefore important to interrupt this cycle again and again with phases of recovery.

Your battery died? You can't regenerate or you have the feeling that stress is getting the better of you? Then it is high time to prevent burnout before a physical and mental breakdown follows. Burnout develops over a long period of time. Therefore the development process can be interrupted at any time.


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What can I do?

1. act early

If work performance and stress resistance drop, there is the possibility to have a health check. A doctor can determine whether you are already in the burnout spiral. Preventing burnout means The earlier you act, the shorter the time span until you are fully operational again. Suitable measures are drug therapy and/or psychotherapeutic measures. Often a beginning burnout can be treated on an outpatient basis.

2. effective stress management

When does stress arise for you? Find out your personal causes of stress and try to reduce them. Stress is defined when you react irritably and angrily in certain situations and become impatient even with small things. This can cause heart palpitations, headaches, high blood pressure, dizziness and breathing difficulties.

Stress as a permanent condition makes you ill. Treat yourself therefore to regular breaks as compensation and try to to recognize stress situations early on and effectively counteract. Life cannot get along without pressure. Therefore it is important to to create a balance for stress. This can be a sporting activity, a hobby or simply walking in nature.

3. perceive own needs

Burnout occurs in most cases in the Job. Factors for this are lack of recognition by superiors, a high workload, low esteem, bullying and no involvement in the work processes. Clear boundaries between professional and private life are therefore a first step towards prevention. Breaks during working hours are opportunities for regeneration. They should be actively used for recovery.

Work-life balance is the term for a balance between work and leisure. Adequate free space and time off protect against the burnout trap. If the boss does not take your needs into consideration, you should take consequences. A final consequence can be a dismissal.

4. check motivation

Do you like to work a lot out of joy and enthusiasm or to please others and to avoid mistakes. If the motivation does not come from within, then the stress level is higher.

Burnout prevention in the private sector

Not only at work, but also in the social environment, every person has their own needs. These can be social contacts, creativity or movement. In burnout prophylaxis you have to recognize what is important for you. These areas need to be developed.

1. learning relaxation

Those who cannot relax should take a course to learn Relaxation techniques visit. Apart from regular endurance sports wear e.g. Meditation, Yoga, tai chi or Mindfulness training to relax. Remember every evening the beautiful moments of the day. Be happy how well it went. This increases your self-esteem.

2. check relationship patterns

With burnout, your relationship seems as stressful as your working life. If you just give and get nothing in return, you will soon be burnt out. Include your partner in your considerations. You should reduce people who are only aimed at perfection in your circle of acquaintances.

3. create free time

A maximum of 75 percent of the day should be planned. The remaining 25 percent serve as a buffer for the unforeseen. In this way you avoid private stress and also provide adequate rest.

4. eat a healthy diet

Coffee, nicotine, alcohol and sugar can increase burnout symptoms. These everyday intoxicants convey feelings of happiness that only last for a short time. Better is a healthy eating with whole grains, fruit and vegetables, which replenish all vitamin and mineral stores in the body in the long term.


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