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Colouring books for stress management

More and more people are suffering from stress, and this problem can have many different causes: Some suffer from increasing stress and time pressure at work, while others Problems in the partnership or otherwise in the interpersonal sphere. Painting is considered an excellent way of coping with stress. Even absolute laymen can use this creative hobby for relaxation begin. After all, there are plenty Colouring books for adultswho can paint mandalas in it, for example.

That is why painting helps to relax

Even if relaxation in a stressful situation seems impossible at first sight, painting can be a great help. The reason: You can use it to express emotions and become aware of them. This makes it possible to deal with it on a completely different level and perhaps find a solution to problems.

The prerequisite: Accepting your own creativity

However, if you want to reduce stress by painting, you must first accept that you are creative. Because especially in the beginning many people think that they have no creative talent at all. However, anyone who is of this opinion should consider one thing: painting is not about presenting oneself in public and creating things that others like. Rather it is about it, be self-indulgent. For as the communication scientist and psychologist Paul Watzlawick postulated, painting is a form of communication. And finally, there is no human being who cannot communicate.

Basically, it is therefore only important to use creativity frequently, even if it is only weakly developed at the beginning. Because creativity can be compared to a muscle that can grow through regular training.

Finding a solution through painting

In many cases, stress is caused by being trapped in entrenched habits and views. This means that experiences from the past shape how we deal with a situation in the present. Through a creative activity the but information is rearrangedso that a find an alternative approach ... Because the solutions are already present in the subconscious anyway, painting can help to bring this alternative solution into consciousness.

This is all the more true when the painter presents his work to family members, friends and acquaintances. Then, in conversation, an analysis of the picture automatically emerges. Not infrequently, a solution for the individual case can be found through this personal conversation alone.

Painting and putting his frustration on paper

Painting contributes considerably to relaxation, because during the activity the painter to a certain extent dives into a world of one's ownto which only he has access. But you can also let off frustration and steam while painting. It is also made possible by so-called Schmipf- or curse books for adultswhich are relatively new on the market. They not only show pictures, but also insults, swearwords and indecent sayings that are not usually used in everyday life. For many people, painting the corresponding pictures is a perfect form of relaxation.

If you let off steam to your heart's content in a cuss book, you can relax afterwards and accept the stressful everyday life more balanced. But the colouring books also offer another advantage: If the pictures are shown in the office, they will certainly make you laugh. This creates a balanced atmosphere within the team and any tensions that may exist cannot build up to the point where they could become a problem for everyone involved. Because apart from insults and insults, there are also many a funny and creative slogan in it, with which the Cheering up the mood at every opportunity ...

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