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Reduce stress by focusing on the present

In this article I would like to show you destructive patterns of thinking, which everybody has experienced in everyday life. I want to encourage you to observe your behaviour and thereby show you the ability to understand why you feel some situations are stressful.

Presence means presence

Stress arises from thinking about the future, or the past. In the state of being present, there is no room for stress thoughts. Why focusing on the present prevents stress? When we become aware of the causes of stress, we realize that the problems dissolve from the moment our attention is focused on the present.

The negative stress is almost always caused by Fearambiguity, excessive demands, or the death of a man. The high demands on oneself or the feeling of having to achieve something further increase the stress.

You increase your presence by concentrating on the present situation.

The following is important to understand: Everyone sees the world through two perspectives. The expectation or the Desired posture. And the Action attitude.

The more we focus on our actions, the closer we come to our desires. The problem, however, is that everyone is racking their brains over things they want. We do not focus on the action that brings us closer to our wish, but linger in a feeling of lack.

By concentrating on the present, the thought of the future and the thought of lack evaporates. Instead, a state of flow is created that binds you to the present and makes you dedicate yourself completely to the present task.

Surely you have had this feeling of being completely absorbed in a task before. No matter how long or how difficult the task was, you felt neither pressure nor stress. It was simply a State of enthusiasm of the present moment.

Focus on the present in everyday life

Do you have the feeling of being stressed out at events or meetings with friends? So concentrate on the present moment. Do you have the feeling of being stressed at work because you still have countless tasks ahead of you? Then concentrate on the present moment.

Make yourself aware that you don't have to do anything. You can or should do things, but you don't have to do anything.

With these thoughts I want to give you my basic attitude on the way:

  1. I don't have to do anything
  2. I want to, or I may, at my discretion.
  3. I do not allow another person to have the power to stress me and thus negatively influence my health.

Be aware that you are master (woman) of your situation. You decide for yourself whether you let yourself be influenced by external circumstances or whether it is yourself who influences the circumstances. Stay concentrated in your field of action and your wishes and expectations will be fulfilled more easily than if you scatter your thoughts and thus your energy on different things.

The focus on the present is the concentration of your energy (thought=energy) on the present moment of action. And your actions are ultimately what makes you the person that you are.

This article is a guest contribution from Fabio D'Adamo.


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