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Conscious stress management - that's how it works!

Every day we are confronted with stressful situations. Be it at work, within the family or partnership and in our free time. Daily stress management is therefore a must for our daily routine. But what is meant by - conscious stress management - at all?

It is the awareness of healthy nutrition and appreciative relationship to oneself. Transforming stress into serenity and positive energythrough which every human being can live his or her own full potential again.

How do we consciously manage to deal with stress management?

Learning to relax consciously

Recreation is not the same as rest, because what is great relaxation for one person is torture for another. Even a passive break does not lead to the desired success, so it is necessary to actively shape the recovery process. Be it with Sportwhen meeting friends or on a short holiday with your girlfriend.

identify sources of stress

Where does lived stress come from? By arguing with the boss, a Dispute with the partner or an inner desire for more time alone? Becoming aware of these sources of stress is the first big step towards positively dissolving the source of stress.

Recognize thought patterns

Our brain is constantly busy with thoughts, which also influence our stress thinking. Through our childhood we already get thought patterns into our life, which also influences our stress behaviour. Through patterns recognize, perceive, in Serenity and positive thoughts it helps to better deal with stress situations.

Healthy nutrition

The fact that fast food and unhealthy nutrition influences the entire course of life is no longer news today. Healthy nutrition combined with the optimal intake of nutrients not only gets the body going but also the important cells in the body, which help to cope with the challenges in life.

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