Diagnosis: Digital Burnout

More and more people complain about increasing Stress and excessive demands at workthe number of burnout cases is steadily increasing. This development is intensified by the excessive use of smartphones. It extends the professional and private digital accessibility. This has an increased effect on the entire everyday life. The consequence: digital burnout - emotional, mental and psychological exhaustion.

The Internet and smartphones offer great opportunities. Many things in everyday life can be done with a click and thus simplify life. About social media Apps we participate more closely in the lives of friends and family, even if they live further away. That is one side of the coin. But like everything else, this area of digitization has a second side: If we can't shut down at all. In the head and in the technique.

Do you control your Smartphone, or does your Smartphone control you?

Many people wish they had less stress. But some stress is self-made. One cause is the constant accessibility. For many people it is normal to have their smartphone always at hand, whether at work, at dinner or on the toilet. Even at night it is within reach next to the bed so that you can check when you wake up to see if there is a supposedly important message.
If we put ourselves under pressure - always want to be aware of everything and react immediately - this can create stress. And too much stress makes you sick.

loss of happiness

Too massive smartphone use leads to an immediate disruption of our productivity and a loss of happiness. Both together make us long-term unhappiness. We experience a state of mental exhaustion that prevents us from enjoying life in a relaxed manner.
This raises the question: How much online time can a person tolerate? Here the self-experiment is recommended. Simply change familiar routines and consciously analyse the consequences.
What am I missing? Do I really need this? What are just unnecessary time eaters? Often one finds thereby fast back to the "analogous joys" of life. You live more consciously and feel less trapped and controlled by your digital constraints.

Remedy through Digital Detox

Digital Detox" is called the movement against digital stress.