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Healing difficult feelings & situations with mindfulness

Especially in these turbulent and turbulent times the attitude and Practice of mindfulness a powerful wayIt is our aim to meet difficult situations and feelings in a healing way and not to lose ourselves in the outside world.

If you can't go outside - go inside

Fears and uncertainty

At the moment, it is precisely these inner states that are causing people a lot of trouble. Inside and outside, feelings and emotions like Fear, consternation, frustration, anger, aggressionbut also joy about small things that have been taken for granted until now.

The current uncertainties and fears polarize and show us all our own, sometimes very old, weaknesses, conflicts and issues. Both in relation to our own personal issues, as well as in connection with the immediate or wider environment. In a mirror image we also experience the global issues that are currently becoming apparent.

And they all have something in common: They are not in themselves new problems. It's a new angle.

All that which inevitably shows itself in the microcosm as well as in the macrocosm was already there! Only, on the one hand, many distractions have just disappeared and the subjective view, yes, it is subjective and relative.

"If you want to clean the house - you have to see the dirt."
(Louise Hay)

At the same time, this offers many people a personal and global opportunity, redress imbalances and become healthier. And that starts inside.

So what can you do with this turbulence? How can these difficult feelings be healed?

Mindfulness as support

Here comes the Mindfulness into the game. It is important not to lose yourself permanently in the outside world, but to pause again and again and to arrive and be completely present with yourself and in the here and now.

Why? Because in this very state I can influence my thoughts, feelings and actions. With an awareness that allows a healthy handling of it. Life happens only in here and now. Past and future exist in memory and in thoughts.

This does not mean that one should not think about it and reflect on it. It simply means that if you are aware of it, you can get out of unhealthy spiral of worrying can get out of the car and get clarity of mind again. This can be achieved through regular mindfulness practice, including Meditationas well as small exercises that can be realized in everyday life, train effectively.


Our Thoughts and feelings have a direct effect on our body. Let's think for a moment about a herd of lice crawling over our heads. Or maybe we would rather think of our favourite food....? Mmm-hmm... with all our senses... and feel for...

Then it becomes clear that the body always reacts accordingly. Thoughts therefore have an effect not only on the mental, but also on the physical and emotional level. Regardless of whether the thoughts are conscious or unconscious. And we have a lot of thoughts every day! According to studies, about 60,000 to 80,000.


What happens with unhealthy emotions such as anger, worry, fear?

In short, we are invading archaic emergency programwhich no longer allows for calm and clear thinking, either neuronally or physically. Let alone positive perception and thoughts. On the contrary! It reports alarm, danger, threat and our whole system runs on red alert! Fight or flight!

So it doesn't matter if there is a beautiful flower blooming at the roadside or if breakfast was particularly tasty today. Besides an increased cortisol level and the weakening of the immune system, this mode causes many other unhealthy reactions. So this must not be a permanent condition!

This is a big challenge at the moment, because we are flooded with frightening news 24/7. No matter which direction.

Effect of language

Every word, every statement has an effect. However, one and the same word can have quite different effects on different people. For example, the widespread appeal "Stay Home" can create a feeling of security and loyalty for one person, but can have the aftertaste of paternalism and deprivation of liberty for another.

The subjectivity of Perception and evaluation are very important here. And these in turn are shaped by many different personal aspects. It's not about right or wrong. The feelings associated with this are subjective and real.

What helps against the negative feelings?

Tolerance and compassion

Especially now it is so important under the PHYSICAL DISTANCE to provide SOCIAL NEARNESS. We humans need social proximity. Social isolation makes you sick! Human interaction is a powerful resource.

This also means accepting other opinions and realising that we do not have to have the same opinion on everything in order to treat each other with respect and friendliness to be able to. Each person has his or her own personal motive and we should not allow different evaluations of a situation to divide people who are close to each other.


On the contrary. Maybe we should sometimes ask ourselves compassionately about our counterpart instead: What is his / her pain? His/her story? Fears?

To meet us as human beings and sentient beings, in the awareness that each one of us is doing his/her best in every moment.

Self-care and self-pity

Self-care and self-pity are also very important resources. Because we can only give what we have ourselves.

All this does not mean to make everything nice, or to push away fears, for example. No, often there is a positive intention, such as protection, behind it. But it is essential to feel and be aware of the point at which it tips over into the unhealthy and uncontrollable.

This needs awareness. Mindfulness. With yourself and with others.

Certainly not all problems are solved immediately, but we can influence how we feel about it. True to the wonderful Serenity Prayer of Francis of Assisi:

"May we have the courage to change what we can change.
May we have the serenity to accept what we cannot change.
And may we have the wisdom to know the difference."

The power of gratitude and a focus on the positive

What we can definitely change is our internal attitude and our Perspective.

With the focus on beautiful and positive things and with Cultivating gratitudeWe can create a healthy foundation on a mental, emotional and physical level and strengthen our immune system. Mindfulness has a proven positive effect on the psyche, brain and body.

The good news is that it's contagious. We carry the most important resources within us. Let's go inside!

Exercises and mindful impulses for everyday life

5 Things to Practice - About the conscious sensory perception into the here and now

  • 5 things one after the other very consciously perceive (without thinking about it)
  • 5 things that I'm doing right now see
  • 5 things that I'm doing right now listen...
  • 5 things that I'm doing right now feel

Tip: Especially effective in nature!

Further impulses for everyday life:

Without evaluating, without interpreting or thinking about it. Just to perceive, feel, be, without prejudice.

  • Hold for 2-3 breaths and remove the Observe breathing flow with closed eyes (unwanted waiting times, for example, are particularly suitable for this)
  • Careful with the coffee or tea in the morning Sip by sip with all senses enjoyn (without distraction from newspaper, radio or mobile phone)
  • Brush your teeth carefullyRelieve physical tension, smell and taste toothpaste, feel the pressure of the toothbrush and perceive noises (instead of planning the day in your mind)
  • Pause and become aware of the current state of mind. Naming feelings in a value-free way.
  • Friendly and amicable with oneself be. Especially in difficult moments.
  • Incorporate quiet moments into everyday life. Create islands of peace. 1-2 minutes already small miracles work
  • Out into nature and take a walk with all facets of sensory perception. Maybe even a walk 'Waldbaden. Move consciously and carefully.
  • Appreciate yourself and others and perhaps pay a compliment. Tracking.
  • Delete the word "must" from the vocabulary.
  • In hectic moments, pause for a moment and ask yourself, what is it really all about? What is really important?
  • From time to time, look at things through a child's eyes. Change perspective.
  • Many small Installing moments of pleasuren. Be it nature, delicious fresh fruit or simply enjoying the time for yourself and your loved ones

Managing stress and unhealthy feelings in a healthy way with mindfulness

It's in the Groups and in individual settings learnable. Personal coaching also possible online via zoom or outdoors with the great added value of the forest pool. On individual request, personal online sessions are also possible for private groups as well as in business.

This article is a guest contribution from Jasmine EmperorOwner v. Centre for Mindfulness in Nuremberg.

jasmine emperor

I am a coach & trainer with all my heart and personal enthusiasm! I see myself as Initiator and support you in your personal growth. In discovering the truth within yourself. In being yourself. More self-confidence, more body awareness, more joy of life.

As coach and trainer for mindfulness, stress management and Meta-Health it is a special concern of mine to support people on their way to a conscious and healthy lifestyle. To be in contact with oneself and the body, to find inner peace and to trust the inner wisdom and intuition.