digital-detox the best apps to switch off

Digital Detox: The best apps to switch off

There is an app for every purpose. Even those who actually want to spend less time on their mobile phone will find a suitable app for this purpose. What should good Digital Detox Know how to do apps? They're supposed to "force" you to Focus on the really important things and deliberately leave the smartphone on the left. We present some of these apps:

SPACE - Break phone addiction


If you think you spend too much time with your smartphone, are often distracted or addicted, you are not alone. Smartphone addiction is a growing problem worldwide in all age groups. SPACE helps you manage your smartphone applications to create your perfect phone life balance to find. Clear results and customizable tools allow you to control and better determine when and how long you want to use your phone each day.

Moment - Screen Time Tracker


With the help of the app you can, in addition to the usual features, also monitor how things are going in your family in terms of digital detox. After all, nothing is more annoying than a supposed family reunion where the kids are only hanging around their mobile phones. With Moment you can counteract this. Furthermore the app Information about your own usage behaviour of your favorite applications.

Forest - Stay focused


Forest offers an interesting solution to combat your smartphone habits. You plant a seed in the forest, which grows into a tree. As long as you do not leave the Forest app, the plant will grow. For example, if you want to check other apps, you have to cancel the process. "Your cute little tree won't survive this", warns the app. What remains is a dried-up wretch. With this interesting Challange the way leads playfully away from the Smartphone.

Forest - Stay focused
Price: 4,99 €+



For periods of your choice, OFFTIME blocks annoying notifications, calls and SMS - and restricts access to applicationswhich you feel as temptation and distraction to be able to switch off properly. If you want to learn more about your digital habits, you will get new insights into your mobile phone usage.

Quality Time - The digital diet


You can create different Quality Time Profiles and thus determine yourself how comprehensively you want to work during your smartphone breaks shield from distractions want to. Quality Times profiles allow you to block notifications or reject incoming calls with automatic text messages. But you can also use Incoming call exceptions define particularly important contacts or activate access to individual apps even during breaks.

ShutApp - Digital Detox


With the help of ShutApp, you set yourself a limit that tells you how long you don't want to use your smartphone and thus apply Digital Detox. You can also invite your friends to participate in the ShutApp Challenge to participate.

AppDetox - Digital Detox


App-Detox shows how often and how long you use your apps. Based on this you can use certain Rules for Apps set. For example, if you notice that WhatsApp eats a lot of time, you can set yourself a maximum limit of 45 minutes. Users can also set that a certain app should not be opened on certain days in a self-selected period of time. Daily or weekly limits are also possible.

Digital Detox: Focus and fight phone addiction


In the end, Digital Detox is a fight against yourself and an everyday challenge. The app takes advantage of this fact. Here you step into a Challenge against yourself and others on.