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Digital Detox holidays - switch off offline

The trend Digital Detox, which translates as digital detoxification, stands for the renunciation of digital media and our everyday aids, such as smartphones and tablets.
This liberating state has become a special luxury in our digital world, so that many people stressed out by everyday life now opt for a Digital Detox Holiday and a Detoxification cure for body and soul decide.

Health problems caused by digital overload

Our lives are taking place online more and more, we can be permanently available almost everywhere. This also gives us more and more the feeling to get used to this state. Thereby we often reach the limits of our resilience unintentionally or subconsciously. The side effects of a digital overloadlike hectic and constant pressure can quickly lead to numerous health problems like Burnout, Insomnia or lead to depression.

Since digitisation has become an integral part of our everyday life, it is all the more important to make a conscious decision to switch off regularly and to Time out to counteract the inner restlessness and recharge your batteries.

Digital Detox on holiday - How it works

With the goal of temporarily switching off from the digital world, reducing stress and restoring the health of body, mind and soul, one should focus on social interaction with the physical world and enjoy the simplicity of the original nature.

Digital Detox can take place in special spa facilities, hotels or in particularly quiet (less digitalized) regions around the world. Besides the right environment, the right personal attitude is of course the most important thing to experience a relaxing break:

  • Just leave your phone at home! No stressful search for the nearest WLAN network. No constant distraction by more or less important messages from home.
  • Alarm clock instead of mobile phone. Although...who really needs an alarm clock on holiday? Just live into the day. Without stress and time pressure
  • Replace Google with humans! Without a smartphone, classic travel guides also lead to the destination. Or simply talk to the locals again. This way you get the best insider tips and at the same time get to know nice people who can enrich your holiday and make sure you look beyond your own nose.
  • No photo diary. Don't give up beautiful souvenir photos - but try to consciously experience the beautiful moments of a holiday without always being on the lookout for the best motif. You experience your vacation for yourself and not for your pinboard!
  • NO TV! Doing without the television can be very liberating. A good book to fall asleep, an evening walk on the beach or nice conversations in a cosy round are the much better alternatives.

The digital detox effect should also not be underestimated during holidays together. Without digital distractions the communication with each other again clearly in the foreground.

After the holiday is before the holiday

In order to achieve a sustainable profit from a Digital Detox Holiday to take home with you, you should consider a strategy during the recovery phase to make your everyday life and lifestyle more balanced around digital media in the future. You can do this additional tips or perhaps Digital Detox Apps help.