Digital Detox: Relax offline

We all know it: Every day you juggle your smartphone, laptop, telephone and diary, try to keep track of things and do your tasks on the side. Digital services such as e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and many other apps should actually make our lives easier. But many people feel overwhelmed. After all, being online has become part of our everyday lives - but that can also become a burden. But how can we counteract this? The answer is: Digital Detox

Relaxation through "digital detoxification"

Even before getting up, the first e-mails are answered, scrolled through Facebook at breakfast and WhatsApp checked. Reaching for the smartphone works automatically. But in times of real-time communication and Information overload we also long for peace, relaxation and the possibility just to switch off.

"Digital Detox" - digital detox - is the name of the movement against digital stress. Being analogue again, talking to people, being more aware of your surroundings. There are Digital Detox Holidaythat is, holidays without a smartphone - but after that many people continue as before. If you want to reduce your stress in everyday life permanently, you have to Change habits consistently.

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We give tips on how to balance digital work and private life (Work-life balance) and increase relaxation and productivity.

Smartphone off

smartphone from
If you really want to focus on a task, your smartphone is often your biggest enemy. Remove the phone from your desk and don't pick it up again until the job is done.

  • Use a "normal" alarm clock for private use and turn your bedroom into a internet-free zone.
  • Even when eating, the smartphone stays off.
  • Check all notifications several times a day, but specifically - and for a limited time. Deactivate unimportant push messages.

This could also be helped by so-called Digital Detox Apps.

take a break

take a break

Concentration and productivity are not unlimited. In order to be able to work effectively, you should consciously Press reset buttonin the form of a real break. In the ideal case, this means to bring mental and spatial distance between oneself and the work in order to be able to Recharge energy storage.

  • Eat out or at least in another room and then go for a walk
  • Exercise and fresh air at lunchtime often result in a productive afternoon.
  • No heavy fare at lunchtime. Eat something light and healthy.
  • Ask your colleagues not to talk about work during breaks.

Scotch you off


Telephone, doorbell, printer and of course the dear colleagues. Whoever sits in the open-plan office or coworking space is the Soundscape often defencelessly delivered and must take countermeasures.

  • Use ear plugs, headphones and help you with long office duties... refocus to be able
  • Or alternatively, retire to a free corner, the roof terrace or free meeting rooms.

No more multitasking

conclusion with multitasking

Multitasking was long praised as a desirable skill. But when working on several sites at the same time, concentration is often quickly lost. Especially in meetings, multitasking becomes a nuisance when everyone brings their laptop, checks e-mails or does other to-do's in parallel. This is not only rude, but also unproductive.

  • In meetings and sprints, try to avoid using a laptop or smartphone. For brainstorming you can also work completely offline: With note, pen and whiteboard.

experience things consciously

experiencing things-consciously

The trip to the countryside is made unforgettable by Instagram and the circle of friends quickly gets a photo of the healthy lunch.
Try to do things more consciously - for yourself and not to impress others with it!

  • Make yourself aware that you are not doing things for others, but for yourself and devote yourself entirely to your occupation.