first aid in case of stress

First aid for stress

Meanwhile, everyone seems to be in a state of Permanent stress to be. Every now and then, however, there are still phases in life that are even more stressful than others - the holiday season, a deadline on a project, or just a random collection of various little things that get on your last nerve. However, there are some Techniques for coping with stress - the more important the longer you are exposed to stress.

Plan breaks

It's often hard to do, Breaks when you are in a stressful phase. You could quickly do something here, cross a task off your to-do list there. But even in stressful times, breaks are important so that you can recover physically and mentally from the stress. To remind yourself that breaks are also part of a stressful daily routine, you should include them in the Appointment calendar and treat it the same as any other appointment: Breaks may not be cancelled and postponed. No tasks may be completed within this time window. Instead, you can pursue a hobby, meet with friends or watch a movie. Even small breaks ensure that you are more concentrated and motivated at work again afterwards.

submit tasks

You can do anything - but not all at once. Should you be overwhelmed by how many tasks you have to manage at once, consider where you can get help with stress. There is no shame in letting others asks for helpYou should be able to concentrate on the most important tasks yourself. Try to delegate unimportant tasks to colleagues or ask your roommates or partners to take over household tasks.
But even if that's not possible, consider whether some tasks can be postponed. The apartment doesn't mind not being cleaned for a few days, the laundry can be done later, and there's nothing wrong with ordering food instead of cooking it yourself during stressful times.

The following can also be helpful Time Management Methods be:

Stress wash off

To cope with stress, you would probably prefer to go to the spa or sauna on a regular basis. For most, however, that's not possible and would also be extra effort. But any bathroom can be transformed into a mini spa. Treat yourself to a special bath: light candles, treat yourself to a special bath additive and your favorite candy. For a moment, you can simply submerge yourself and let the put stress behind you. Even if you don't have time for a full bath or don't own a bathtub, you can use water to help with stress. Turn your shower into an experience by using relaxing water. Music turn on the lights, dim the lights, use extra scented shower gel or pre-heat the towels.

Social contacts

When we are stressed, we tend to become isolated and focus only on the causes of stress. In doing so, one can become lonely far too quickly, which intensifies the negative feelings even more. In the planned breaks, you should therefore regularly make sure to talk to your friends. to meet other people. A get-together with friends or family not only ensures that for a change of take a breath and relax. Often it also helps to share with others the stressful Situation to discussn order to see them in a completely different light and perhaps find new approaches and ideas!

Of course, it is better if you can avoid excessive stress in advance. However, if this is not possible, you should still remember to take regular breaks and maintain your social contacts. During stressful times, it is also important to consider which tasks you can hand off or postpone. Last but not least, a hot bath or a long shower can help you relax quickly!


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