getting out of the stressGuest article

What makes it easier to get out of the stress?

With this article I would like to show how outsiders can also help extremely stressed people the Entry into their self-responsibility so that they can once again freely determine their own quality of life.

The stress spiral is often clearly visible to outsiders: due to professional and private demands, body and mind get up to speed. When the demands increase and mind and body are neglected, the hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which help to achieve performance, cannot be reduced or can only be reduced with difficulty. This increases the stress level.

The stressed person then eventually finds all situations stressful and challenging. People who suffer from chronic stress are exhausted. They want to rest and usually use the screen - the TV from the sofa or the smartphone/tablet in bed. Alcohol, extreme amounts of coffee and other drugs also come in handy to "shut down".

Body and mind not in balance

Change at this stage is inherently very difficult. The affected person has "tunnel vision" and is stuck in the mantra "I don't have time" and "I'm too tired". Even a small walk in the evening, for example, can be considered too much.

Body and mind get out of balance. People react emotionally, become quick-tempered or withdraw and the body also reports. From back pain to heart attacks and depression, the physical and psychological consequences are known.

Those affected are also aware of these connections. Yet they change nothing

Why is that?

1. you do not feel affected

Depending on their consciousness, people may or may not notice it sooner, how much they are in the Hamster wheel of stress are trapped. Many dampen themselves so much with Distraction (smartphone, alcohol) that they are simply distanced from their physical and emotional sensations.

2. you think that's the way it has to be...

Depending on their inner mindset, they either consciously "accept" or unconsciously their destiny. Depending on their upbringing and environment (conditioning), they live with the conviction that life is hard (only the hard ones get into the garden!), that they don't deserve anything easier/better or that earning money must be hard. Minds are full of destructive beliefs.

3. the body is addicted to the stress hormones

After long-term and chronic release of stress hormones, the body demands them. The stress patterns sit so deeply and jump on so quickly that it is very difficult to really get out of this cycle.

What does this have to do with self-awareness?

Everything. For only those who are truly aware of themselves, experience their own real state, really takes himself seriously and puts himself first in lifecan get out of stress themselves. Often the exit succeeds only in connection with a crisis, if e.g. illness, job loss or separation from the partner make a change inevitable.

But it is also possible before: Thanks to Yoga and Meditation increases the awareness and the Access to the self is (re)exposed. The challenge for stressed people is to get involved with these techniques in the first place - and if possible without great (suffering) pressure, i.e. before the crisis is visible.

How can yoga &meditation enter the stressful everyday life?

1. through recommendations from friends

Just take someone to a class. That's how it was with me. And luckily I did exactly the exercises in the course that excited me.

It was exercises and meditations from Kundalini Yoga that kept my mind and body busy - just sitting quietly and breathing didn't work for me as a stressed lawyer and mother for more than 3 minutes at that time and rather annoyed me than calmed me down. If I managed to make time for it at all, alongside work and family commitments.

Fortunately, I have found exactly the exercises that focus the mind with mantras, influence my vibration with sound and involve the body through movement. Through this I have had experiences that have brought me step by step back to myself and finally the Getting out of the stress spiral have made possible.

2. by reference to performance (job performance)

Often, sufferers open up to the techniques of yoga and meditation when they realise that they are

  • save time (focused mind saves confusion),
  • their creativity improves (the natural access to the creative power revives),
  • Experience visions (which stimulates intuition),
  • be heard (communication skills are increased),...

3. by companies incorporating yoga &v meditation in the professional environment.

The benefits of yoga & meditation are scientifically proven. Modern companies are increasingly realizing that their workforce is their true potential and are looking for ways to promote their health and well-being.

For example, by offering courses that have been customised by them with the providers or giving away access to explicitly tailored online courses to their employees, such businesses are giving employees real appreciation and are able to Ways out of the stress spiral find. Participants can attend these courses via ZOOM live from home (home office) or together in the course rooms of the companies.

This article is a guest contribution from Claudia O`Hara-Jung.


I have a different perspective on the topic of "stress" since I left my job as a lawyer and politician in Germany in 2017 and emigrated with my family to Spain by the sea.

There I now teach online and offline techniques for people who want to deal with themselves in order to create a healthy and happy life for themselves, write books and develop products with companies, which they pass on to their employees and customers.