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The 33 best ways to stress-free happiness on holiday

Is it true that luck is easy or not? Some things we really can't influence: The weather at the holiday destination, the quality of the tour guide or the mood of our fellow travellers. But it is up to us to decide whether we let ourselves, by whom or whatever, spoil the mood.

Before we take a look at how you yourself can ensure a successful holiday, I would like to remind you how happiness is created in the first place. One component is the feeling of being happy or feeling good right now. The second component is the evaluation of being satisfied with the situation.

Based on this, you have different variants, your Determine your own holiday happiness. The most important thing first: You are your trump card! Actually, it's the question: "What can I do today to be happy?"

Once you have decided that you will be happy, you can always do something about it, before the holiday, during it and also afterwards.

1| Mindfulness
About half the time we are not thinking about what we are doing. It makes us unhappy. And this is regardless of whether the situation is pleasant or unpleasant.

2 | Acceptance
Say yes to situations that have already occurred. If we fight against them, we give them a lot of negative energy and withdraw the positive energy.

3 | Begin
Start your happy holiday immediately. Only if you are well, everyone benefits from it.

4 | Effort
Make the appropriate effort. It is especially pleasant and relaxing to learn something new or to finally implement a project.

5 | trouble
Trouble you for three minutes at most. Trouble has its justification. But repeating it constantly wastes your life and vacation time.

6 | attention
See what a good vacation you have. We like to overlook how much good we have because it seems to come naturally.

7 | Balance
Bet on the order of life. Just as there is no day without night, we need impatience and patience, pace and slowness, effort and relaxation.


8| Conditions
Set fewer conditions that must be met for holiday happiness. The more open you are to new things, the easier and more often you will achieve the feeling of happiness.

9| Evaluation
Stop reviews. We evaluate often and negatively, this creates negative feelings.

10| touch
Touch people more often than your mobile phone. The relaxation hormone oxytocin compensates for stress.

11| Gratitude
Express your gratitude to friends, family and service providers every day.

12 | EGO
Leave it at home. Wanting to be right and being happy seldom goes at the same time.

13 | Honesty
Don't say "yes" or "I'm fine" if that's not true at all.

14 | Energy
Better pace yourself and leave something for the evening. We draw from a "tank" of energy and discipline.

15 | Narrating
Think carefully about what you say. Our brain likes to deal with negative things. But that's only one part of the world.

16 | Food
Eat the way you want to live, varied, with joy, consciously. Use all the possibilities that a holiday offers.

17 | Window
Say something nice in every shop window. Use every opportunity to do yourself some mental good. You will radiate it.

18 | Pleasure
Enjoy with a clear conscience. Only you are responsible for yourself and live with the consequences of your decisions.

You feel guilty too often when you think about yourself? Then you can change that right now!

19 | Context
Relate negative events. They are always an individual case in a sum of many good things.

20 | Smile
There's always a reason for it, even if it's just that you exist. Even fake smiles lead to feelings of happiness.


21 | Media
Give yourself at least one hour before going to bed Media ban - including television. The blue light hurts your sleep.

22 | New
Make new experiences. The pleasant recuperative effect arises when breaking with routines, new impressions and surprises.

23 | Optimism
Discover a motto of optimism. There are always moments when something goes wrong or different than expected. For this you need a pep talk like "Things will work out".

24 | Perspective
Change them every once in a while. Your view is just your view - you can see it differently.

25 | Reaction
Make the best of what is. You have that in your hand even in unpleasant situations.

26 | Self value
Take yourself seriously. Who else would do it? Travel in comfort, Breaksregular meals, a nice environment, back exercise, etc.

27 | Facts
Deal with facts instead of speculation. Ask yourself more often when you're thinking "Is this information or speculation?"

28 | Holiday frequency
Take more frequent and shorter holidays, because the holiday effect will crumble after just one week in everyday life

29 | Comparison
Stop comparing. Sooner is over, other people are not the standard.

30 | Forgive
Forgive yourself and others if something does not work out or is different than expected.

31 | Living the past
Do what you wish for in others. For example, if you are friendlier, the environment changes.

32 | Want
Think about what you want instead of thinking about what you don't want. Thoughts are followed by actions.

33 | State
Go on holiday in good condition. Reduce the number of appointments in the days before the holiday instead of increasing them.

We often wish for others to MindfulnessHowever, they do not give us appreciation or positivity. There are different reasons for this. It can be that we are under stress or seemingly have no time or leisure for it - or because we simply do not know how to do it.

A holiday is the best time to change this, to take time for a good contact with yourself. Because as well as we treat ourselves, we will treat others and every situation and thus ensure that our holiday is a happy one.


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This article is a guest contribution from Dr. Ilona Bürgel.


I am one of the first representatives of Positive Psychology in the German-speaking world and an expert for physical and mental well-being. I have a doctorate in psychology, am an author and lecturer.

The invitation to a change of perspective runs like a red thread through my work - away from the fixation on external conditions in our constantly changing world, towards a good way of dealing with oneself.