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Stress as a trigger for herpes: What can you do?

Excessive strain, a hectic everyday life and already your lips are tingling. Many people get herpes from stress. The bitter truth is: Whoever once cold sores is probably gonna get it again. But what can you do against the infectious disease and how can you prevent it?

What's herpes?

Herpes is also known as fever blister or lip herpes. As soon as you get infected, the viruses remain permanently in your body. However, they only become noticeable when the immune system is weakened by stress, a cold, sunlight or, for example, by menstruation.

How does it feel to get herpes?

Even before the visible outbreak, the infection usually makes itself felt. The Symptoms of lip herpes are described by those concerned as follows:

  • Tingling
  • Itch
  • slight burning
  • Feel of tension on the skin

After about two days visible Herpes blisterswhich will burst and weep as it progresses. The blisters do not necessarily appear on the lips. The chin or nose can also be affected.

Is herpes contagious?

Infection with herpes viruses usually occurs at a very young age. Herpes is treated with a Lubrication infection as by drinking from the same glass or kissing together. However, the herpes virus, which causes fever blisters, is not dangerous. In fact, 90 percent of Germans are already infected with herpes.

The herpes blisters are for the first three days of the outbreak particularly contagious. To 7-10 days the fever blister is usually healed.

Is herpes triggered by stress?

The causes of herpes are manifold. Stress and exhaustion are among the main reasons why outbreaks occur. At psychological stress become Stress hormones ...was released from the body. These inhibit antiviral immune functions. So acute or chronic stress cause fever blisters to form.

Finally, even Disgust provoke the appearance of the herpes virus. When we feel disgusted, we feel stress and this reaction in turn has a weakening effect on the immune system.

Fight lip herpes quickly

Herpes can be treated with different methods. In order to combat lip herpes quickly, one should take action at the first symptoms.

Creams, gels or ointments from the pharmacy are generally recommended for symptomatic treatment. These products contain antiviral agents and are applied to the affected area. They shorten the course and can prevent an outbreak if they are applied in time.

If the external treatment no longer helps, one can stop the outbreak of herpes virus, after consulting a doctor, also treat with tablets.

Household remedy against herpes

Those who want to use natural methods can also try household remedies for herpes. Here, too, the earlier you react, the shorter the course!


Honey is antimicrobial and has wound healing properties. Applied several times a day, it can help to get rid of herpes quickly.

Ice cube

Ice cubes wrapped in a cloth help with the first symptoms. The cooling effect on the affected area reduces the proliferation of viruses. But beware: as soon as the herpes breaks out, ice cubes should be avoided, because the cold could damage the skin.


Zinc ointments or toothpaste containing zinc help against herpes due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Nevertheless, toothpaste should be used with caution because it contains irritating additives that can interfere with the skin's recovery process.

Tea tree oil

Applied hourly to the affected area, tea tree oil also reduces the proliferation of viruses. However, the oil is often problematic because it is not so well tolerated and can cause inflammation.

Three tips: Prevent stress-related herpes

Even if a permanent cure for lip herpes is not possible, the development of herpes caused by stress can be prevented.

1. avoidance of emotional stress

Especially emotional stress often leads to an outbreak of herpes. It is important to become aware of which situations cause particularly high stress. This is to be done as best as possible to minimize or to resort to stress management and relaxation techniques.

2. techniques for stress management

Stress is often unavoidable in everyday life. However, different techniques lead to a reduction in the feeling of stress.

Possible techniques against stress:

3. healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle and the proper nutrition, especially during stressare indispensable for a strong immune system. Thus a renunciation of the cigarette smoking which, incidentally, do not help in the long-term reduction of stress. Alcohol abstinence and restful sleep can also strengthen the immune system and prevent the development of cold sores.

Text: Alicja Indyk