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Stress during pregnancy and how women can avoid it

Stress - each of us knows it, this feeling, which can be caused by very individual factors. Before we take a closer look at the topic of stress and its prevention during pregnancy, I would like to briefly explain what stress actually is.

Stress hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine and precursors of cortisol are increasingly released when we are in a so-called stress phase. Our heart begins to pound (Heart rate and blood pressure increase), our digestive activity is reduced, while our breathing increases and our muscles tighten.

Stress during pregnancy

While mild and especially short periods of stress are by no means harmful to the unborn child, the same cannot be said of an increased stress level. Too much stress during pregnancy not only increases the risk of premature birth, but can also cause neurological and emotional developmental disorders as well as late physical consequences for the baby. It cannot be ruled out that the mother's high stress level is partly responsible for late effects such as asthma, depression or a low birth weight.

Severe stress increases the risk of premature birth, neurological and emotional developmental disorders and physical late effects, among other things. But of course, even mothers with high stress levels can give birth to healthy babies.

How can we counteract or even avoid stress during pregnancy?

Since stress can be generated by the most individual events, there is of course no blanket answer for this. However, it is important to recognize and reflect on a stressful situation at an early stage.

Exercise, fresh air, Yoga and Meditation are good tools to keep stress at bay. Give yourself conscious breaks and let others do your work for you.

Being pregnant is not a disease, but in any case an absolute exceptional situation..

Individual athletic training, adapted to the course of the pregnancy (as long as it runs without complications), can help to prevent stress from arising in the first place. Do you also pay attention to a balanced, needs-based diet? Nutrition? Because you definitely should. Deficiencies or a deficit of calories can have a negative effect on your hormone balance and therefore on your stress level.

For questions regarding training, nutrition and recovery during this special time, I am personally available to you.

This article is a guest contribution from Sarah Pötzelsberger


I am the founder of the company L&S Athletics, owner of the Health world Bürmoos and actively coach a wide range of people (from health to competitive athletes). My in-depth knowledge ranges from training matter, to the finest detail of nutritional science. So I practice my passion for sport full time with my husband, alongside our wonderful son who is having a wonderful sibling in February 2019. So I am currently 7 months pregnant again myself, still exercising 6x a week and all around healthy and happy.