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More energy in a few steps

At the top of my clients' wish list, besides more time, is more energy. We know that our Time limited and also that each of us has exactly 24 hours available to us every day.

Do what? We cannot buy time, but we can make better use of it. When we have enough energy, we are not only in a better mood, but also much more motivated and productive. That makes us look back on the day in the evening much more satisfied, doesn't it?

Here I present a method from my coaching practice that is guaranteed to help you tap into your resources, your sources of energy, right away. All you need is something to write and about 15 to 20 minutes of time.

Your personal energy donor and killer list

Now write on one sheet the heading "Energy Killer List", on the other "Energy Giver List". Then write down in bullet points everything that robs you personally of your energy. What costs you an awful lot of energy in your everyday life? After which activities or also conversations, both professionally and privately is Your energy level down?

  • Examples from my practice:
  • too little sleep
  • Headache, Back
  • Disputes, unresolved conflicts
  • lack of recognition for (care) work done
  • reckless people

If you think about the last days and weeks, there are certainly activities or contacts with people who really gave you energy. Activities that put you in a Flow State that you like to do, and when you're done. good feeling had.

  • Listen to music, read
  • Laugh with XY
  • Cuddling with a loved one or pet
  • Bringing a project to a good conclusion
  • Observe the spring awakening of nature
  • Developing new ideas
  • The joy of the letter I wrote

For example, my personal list also includes: kneading bread dough and drawing.

Not to be underestimated as a source of strength, by the way, are things that we (willingly & voluntarily) do for others. You have certainly already experienced how nice it is when you can bring joy to others. We are happy about the joy of the other and increase our energy account, so to speak.

Now you have noted down everything that costs you energy on the one hand and on the other hand you have discovered your own personal sources of energy. In my case, I gradually discovered even more sources of energy and added to the list. This list is a real treasure that you should guard well.

Create a balance to the energy killers

Now imagine a new day with a half-filled pitcher. You are the jar. The fill level determines your energy level. How full was your jar this morning?

Now that we know what gives us real energy, we can take care ourselves to keep our energy level at a healthy level. Surely there are phases or days that cost us a lot of energy (when the child is sick, stressful professional phases...).

It is then that we should generously distribute our energy sources into our everyday life, into our week. Thereby we prevent total exhaustionfrom which we may at some point no longer find our way out on our own.

Tip: Write down your energy sources in your calendar as symbols or appointments so that you keep them.

With a little practice you will find out how strong the individual energy donors work for you and can then use the required "dose" even better. For me, these are phone calls or appointments with certain girlfriends.

Eliminate your long-term energy guzzlers

It is possible that your list of energy killers includes things that have unknowingly cost you a lot of energy in the long term. These can be for example unresolved conflicts be. With a partner, friend, work colleague or parent. Also unmanageable finances or debts can be enormous, unconscious energy guzzlers.

Love it - change it - leave it - principle

I recommend addressing these long-term, subliminal energy thieves. Gently sorting them out. Accepting things that don't seem at all solvable for you. A good approach is the "Love it (accept & love it!) - change it (change something) - leave it (leave)" - Principle.

If we listen attentively within ourselves, we can sense very precisely whether there is something that has been "on our hearts", "on our stomachs" or "depriving us of sleep" for a long time.

Tip: Write it down! Afterwards, play through all three possibilities mentally or in writing and think about which one feels best for you.

It is sometimes enormously helpful to find someone who can support you in this. There will be a great sense of relief afterwards. You also increase your basic level of energy. That's what my experience shows.

I wish you good luck and lots of wonderful energy!

This article is a guest contribution from Sandra Bethäuser.


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