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Intention and the decision for self-love

This text is for people who no longer want to wonder, stress or worry about where their life, family and friends, profession, country and world are headed, but become the solution itself who are looking for them.


This is perhaps the most important decision you can make in your life. Some have already decided. For them this text will only be a confirmation. For many, however, this decision will be new, perhaps unrealistic or even unworldly. This is okay, because the decision is not for everyone.

If you have followed the news in the last 10 years, you could read a lot about great intentions, plans and intentions. Politicians have intentions. Companies have intentions. Countries have intentions. Many people believe, for example, that you can't trust anybody from the bottom up, especially strangers, and that life is a fight for survival. They have intentions. Others believe that people are actually good, but that the system has corrupted them, that one should fight against capitalism, corporations, the privileged and pollution. They have intention.

In a meritocracy, even performance has intention, being enthroned above everything else, including health, harmony and humanity.

The examples of intention mentioned so far have one thing in common: they are based on fear and are the result of hidden and far-reaching misprogramming. It unconsciously determines the thoughts, feelings, decisions and behaviour of the majority of people. It creates long-term suffering. Even if it appears to be absolutely true for the programmed person and creates tangible realities, it is not. It is a tragic illusion. It is not true because at its end there is no health, no safety, no humanity, no happiness. Then what is it for?

So far I haven't said anything new. Here's the new principle: Love also needs intention.


A lioness who protects her children has intention. Gandhi had intention. Jesus, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Buddha and many others also had it. They had it in the face of hate, violence and fear. But with this call I do not want to stop at the heroes and great names, but towards you and me. I want to make you aware of an inner choice that you have at any time. It is a holy choice. I want to show you how you can make it in your self-determination today, differently than what has been programmed into you by others. At the end of the day you are as a responsible person the boss of your life and not the program that runs automatically and continuously in your subconscious as a routine.

As long as fear has an intention and at the same time love does not, fear wins, because it overlays love in its volume. This continues until the love in you has also won intention. Then fear loses power because love simply surrounds and penetrates it. Before the love in you and through you wins intention, you must first awaken it. That is the Begin your silent revolution. It starts in you and through you. This revolution is always victorious, because it knows no resistance.

What precedes your intention is a decision. A decision in which you, as a self-responsible programmer of your mind, place something higher above the existing programming. Put love above everything. The love I am talking about is unconditional. In reality there is no other love. The other, what we often confuse with love in human relationships, are merely transactions according to the motto: If ..., then ... As long as any open or hidden demand, expectation, condition, hope, desire is above love, it is not love, even if it comes in the mantle of love.

Unconditional or holy love knows nothing above her. All conditions, even if they are important, are under her. Love never ends. Start this love with yourself. This is self-love. It is not selfish by drawing life energy from other people or from yourself. It is self nourishing.


The decision for self-love is forever and ever. It has to be made by you only once in a lifetime. It is valid in good and bad times. Love is needed especially in bad times. Bad times help to deepen it and to put it above everything else. Self-love is a decision for a holy relationship with yourself until the end of your life.

In the beginning it often begins as uninterrupted appreciation. Soon, however, her natural feeling of love is added, rising within you like mist from a lake. You have chosen for yourself, without condition. You say to yourself: YES. Mine is yours, forever! You marry forever, regardless of your history, your appearance, your feelings, your performance, your possessions, your knowledge. Not even morality is above your love anymore.

This does not mean that you have to like everything you do, that you can't correct, learn, improve, criticize or stand above others or the common rules. But you no longer question your value fundamentally, no longer withdraw your safe place. After your conscious decision, you only need to remember your decision. And in everyday life it needs some practice, so that self-love can become clearer and clearer and more self-evident. After a few months you will act more and more out of self-love and be able to decide.

What you really want, what you don't want and what you need then come to the surface of your life out of self-love, even in difficult times. And even if you should fail regularly after the decision in the everyday application, it remains and cannot be taken back. You have decided that. If you want to make this decision for love seriously, nothing keeps you from it, except a thought. This is the only choice you can make: Love or fear. Love is a choice, without condition. It needs courage.

If you want to consciously decide for self-love, then accompany the decision with a small ritual of your choice. Completely free, without any wrong or right, do it in your honest simple way. If you want, you can then get a relationship ring or bracelet to remember your decision. It will probably be tested regularly. This is part of the deepening.

Silent loud revolution

How will you decide?

Change usually comes from a small minority of society, not from the great majority. But this change, like real love, needs intention. The silent revolution of love begins within you. It is the loudest and most courageous revolutionthat you can lead and begins the moment you decide to do so. It is invulnerable, indestructible.

When you have made Die Entscheidung für sich, please send a short message to I would like to rejoice quietly with you and congratulate you.

This article is a guest contribution from Falk Mieschendahl


I am a psychotherapist, coach, author and director of HumanFlow.

As a cure specialist, the Badenweiler HumanFlow Institute supports people in midlife on their way to change. With professional time-out offers, short-term therapy and change coaching, we have been helping stress & burnout since 2006 in the direction of independence, stability and more self-love.