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Less stress thanks to Smart Home

The challenges in everyday life - whether in the professional environment or in the cities - have been increasing for many years. The Triggers, factors and the subjective perception of stress are very different. However, since it is becoming apparent that stress has both short, medium and long-term effects on health and physical and mental well-being, it is important to Strategies for coping with stress asked.

Developments in the field of smart home show that new technologies and digital networking need not become another stressor. On the contrary: Digital solutions in the smart home can contribute positively to stress management.

This is precisely the question on which a recent empirical survey is carried out. It showed a differentiated picture of whether and how the smart home reduces or promotes stress. A central finding is that especially people who have experience in using smart home devices regard it as stress-reducing feel when they can control their home via apps, for example.

Intelligent solution strategies against stress

The conclusion is obvious that stress can be the cause of illness and serious strain. Reducing stress is therefore an important concern in the health sector. Health insurance companies have recognized early on that the smart home offers solution strategies in this regard and have developed corresponding offers for Smart Home language assistants developed:


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In the meantime there are from countless providers stress-reducing contentsthat are only one voice command away. In addition to the content itself, the voice assistants have another stress-reducing function in the smart home. They make it easier to use the networked devices, which no longer have to be controlled via app, but can be controlled simply using natural speech. In addition, they can remind you in good time of appointments in the calendar and thus help to reduce everyday stress.

Digital networking tackles the causes of stress

concepts like ambient assisted living but show that it is not only about the inhabitants of a smart home. When it comes to caring for the elderly, digital networking can help, to relieve nursing staff and thus for a more stress-free Everyday working life to care.

The same applies to the smart buildingwhere many processes in working life can be automated. This makes it easier to organize work and office life.

Safety reduces stress

In the private environment the topic Security in the Smart Home plays a major role overall. But security also contributes to stress management. A networked home can provide security in many ways.

Sensors at critical points provide certainty that there is no uncontrolled escape of water or gas. Networked doors and windows provide information about whether they are accidentally open. One Study According to the study, the thought of a forgotten iron causes three times less stress for smart home owners.

Mindfulness is becoming a trend

Based on sales in the App Store, Apple has been nominating App trends for several years. In the past year the topic of Mindfulness as a trend. In this course, the new Analysis Tools that have been showing smartphone users for some time now how much time they spend with their devices and with what.

As a consequence of this new mindfulness, I believe that it is also important to note that digital solutions for stress management be developed. Technology should no longer be the cause of stress, but should be used for the benefit of mankind.

Stress reduction, relief and time saving thanks to Smart Home

The gain in comfort is one of the important reasons for choosing a smart home. The automation of subsystems such as the control of heating, lighting or the automated door lock that saves you having to search for a key - all these individual smart home applications not only bring more comfort, but also less stress.

Anyone who suffers from stress needs one thing above all else to cope with it: time. This is precisely where the smart home can score points with numerous strategies and innovative applications. Often it's just a matter of little things, but when all is said and done, they have a stress-reducing effect.

A networked heating makes every thought of heating and energy saving superfluous. The smart vacuum cleaner does its job while you are not at home. And more security and comfort ensure relaxation and stress-free life at home.

I wish you a lot of fun and joy of life on this path, which will certainly change your life forever.

This article is a guest contribution from Christopher Strobel.


As a smart home expert, I have been involved in the digitalization of building technology for many years. I am a blogger, keynote speaker and publisher of numerous trade journals. In addition to my function as editor and managing partner of the STROBEL MEDIA GROUP, I founded CS-Consulting in 2018, which focuses on lectures, workshops, training and consulting on the topics of smart home and digitalisation in building services engineering.