less stress-thanks-home-office

Less stress thanks to home office

Home office is becoming increasingly popular. Working from home is a trend and has already established itself in many companies. For example, many working people save themselves the daily commute stress in the carbus or train. The advantages of working from home are manifold. More leisure, more freedom and more independence.

However, it should also be noted that not every employee is made for working in a home office. For example, many of them lack daily contact with colleagues in the office or they do not manage to organize themselves.

Therefore, this topic is by no means only about advantages or disadvantages. The personal constellation is decisive above all. Are you suitable for it yourself? (Are you a home office guy?) Does it fit the employer and the colleagues? Is it easy to carry out your own work from home? Are the regulations regarding working from home clear and sensible?

Due to possible difficulties in implementation, it is recommended to Test phase or flexible arrangements, which for example stipulate that you also appear in the office two or three days a week.

The advantages

Finding the right way with the right rules has many advantages:


Simply by eliminating the need to travel to work, often unnecessary distractions or unproductive meetings you gain timethat can be used productively. In addition, absence from the office often leads to colleagues' concerns being formulated more purposefully or unimportant topics not being addressed at all. A good Time Management is of course also indispensable within your own four walls.


At home there are less interference and noise pollution than in the office. One feels more unobserved. And your own working environment, which is normally completely furnished according to your own wishes, provides a certain Looseness and freedom. You create your own ideal circumstances, which contribute to optimal concentration.


The delivery of the new sofa is in the middle of the day, the doctor has only one free appointment at 10 a.m., craftsmen have announced themselves without giving a concrete time. For home workers these to coordinate deadlines much better than for the classic office worker. This flexibility is also an advantage when working with international partners and when there is a time difference.

In addition, the productive periods from person to person. Some "night owls" are especially productive late in the evening, while "early birds" like to get going early in the morning. Working from home supports this flexibility.

The workload must of course still be met and accessibility should be clearly regulated.


Home office can be a blessing for health and well-being. You can take breaks in between for example for Yoga or a Meditation use. Also a small Powernap in the lunch break or a round through the park jog can recharge the battery. In addition, you can use your own four walls to prepare fresh and healthy food.

Waves of illness can also pass you by more easily by eliminating the risk of infection from using public transport and your colleagues in the office. And if you are only mildly affected, you can be at home and face the threat of Counteract illness more easily and quickly.

You should pay attention to this

Working in a home office is a change. The predefined day structure is missing. This often leads to the fact that some people start their working day in pyjamas, do not switch off at lunch and work on the side or do household tasks in between. As a result, their professional and private lives become mixed up. This often results in an unsatisfactory and unproductive work situation. This constellation is called Work-Life-Blending is called.

Also to counteract this circumstance you should consider the following points:

Clearly defined workspace

Pretty sure it would not be a good idea to work from your bed or in the living room in front of the TV. Set up a real workplace that gives you all the options you need. Of course, this place should also have the necessary Provide peace and minimize distractions.


With a telephone forwarding system, the right tools and all the necessary technical requirements, you should ensure that your absence from the office no disadvantages for you and your colleagues arise. The coordination with colleagues and business partners should not be made more difficult. Switching between home office and working days in the office, for example for important meetings, can be an ideal combination.

Work routine and working hours

A clearly structured workflow allows you to immerse yourself in the work and improves your ability to concentrate. Both in the office and at home. The individual discipline is the decisive factor for successful work in the home office. This includes, for example, the morning routines such as showers and breakfast. The fixed routines set the brain to "working mode" and prevent you from getting off the ground.

Fixed working hours also create the basis for making the best possible and productive use of the time available. In this context, it is also important to focus on work and the end of the working day. A clear separation is essential


It is just as important as the right working routines, Breaks ...to be inserted. Just like you would at the office. A clearly defined work area is also an advantage for this reason. So you can leave your workplace during breaks and, for example, on the sofa or in the fresh air replenish one's energy.