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Little girls tremble - but so do boys!

"Little girls tremble, not you!" boys are often admonished. So at a young age, we get our lessons in "freeze the trembling and shame on you!" Well, the truth is, girls tremble and so do boys. People shake if you let them! They tremble with disgust, fear, joy, to process pent-up energy. Our body is made to shake off pressure, blockages and tension. It does it in moments when it feels unobserved and we relinquish control.

When falling asleep, the leg likes to kick out again. Many experience this fine tremor after Sex. We shudder when something gets under our skin. At Sport the muscles being used want to shake off the tension very directly. You know that neurogenic tremors in its full extent from news images: People who get into an accident or experience a severe shock often can no longer suppress this tremor.

But even in beautiful moments we tremble - with joy. Many do it when saying yes at the altar. The tension is so overwhelming in these moments that the body itself finds an exit strategy and releases it.

allow trembling

The neurogenic tremor is our innate response to high voltagethat we actually unconsciously suppress in the reality of our lives. Because we have learned that trembling is a sign of fear and therefore started very early to stop it. But trembling is also a sign of relaxation. When it fails to happen, our body-mind system no longer gets the signal that the tense situation is over.

Back pain, Teeth grinding, Insomnia, headaches, exam anxiety/lamp fever and concentration problems are possible consequences. The good news is that we can allow the trembling afterwards and thus erase blockages, tensions and traces of fear. We can turn it on and off as often as we want. Afterwards we go through life more liberated and relaxed:


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In my experience the psoas muscle is a very good starting point for to get reacquainted with the natural tremor. This is a set of muscles, also called the "fight or flight" muscle. These are two strands that stabilize the spine left and right; they merge in the pelvis with the iliac muscle and together connect the torso with the legs. Here it is particularly easy to cause the tremor.

However, once we have regained a feeling for the natural onset of trembling, we will find that the entire body can be the starting point for the healing vibration. It happens exactly where the flow of life energy is blocked. Once the blockage is dissolved, you will feel your life energy throughout your body.

I have been working with people, the body and the breath for over 20 years and it fills me with humility every time I am allowed to observe how fear, pressure and blockages disappear from a body. This process is always accompanied by some form of trembling, a gentle inner quivering, the body vibrating, sometimes gently, sometimes jerkily. It is the moment when transformation happens. Your body is full of wonder and talks to you all day long. Everything in you strives for flow and ease, for unity of body, mind and soul. You can learn anew how to do this, how to be deeply relaxed.

This article is a guest contribution from Beata Korioth


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