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Massages at the workplace and four other employee benefits

When fruit baskets no longer bear fruit: Measures that inspire talent and retain it in the long term.

Many HR managers are on the lookout for the best talent. But it is often not easy to keep an overview in the jungle of the shortage of skilled workers. In some regions, certain positions can no longer be filled optimally. According to the DIHK business survey many companies in Germany see the shortage of skilled workers as the greatest challenge.

The new generation of employees requires companies to respond as individually as possible to their personalities and needs. An individual incentive is created by offers at the interface of the Occupational Health Management (OHM) and employee benefits. On the one hand, these satisfy the needs of employees and, on the other hand, pay off in terms of competitive differentiation. For example, many companies now offer massages in the office for their employees.

Enno Kuntze, founder and managing director of WellnowThe company's new employee management system, which is based on five forward-looking measures, is designed to attract job talent to the company and retain it over the long term.

1. establish on-site corporate wellbeing - create workplace health offerings.

Many employers have understood that in order to improve their corporate culture and make it more attractive, they need to integrate into their everyday work an offering that Meets the demands of the modern generation of employees. A formative role is played by the growing health awareness among employees in times of increasingly frequent stress-related illnesses. They are therefore focusing on so-called "on-site corporate wellbeing," i.e., the use of various health services such as Massages, Yoga or personal training, directly at the workplace.

The advantage - the barrier to use the offers is low, since Additional distances are saved and employees have a shared sense of achievementwhich are directly associated with the employer. The positive side effect of this health benefit is that the "classic widespread diseases" caused by stress, poor nutrition and too little exercise are actively addressed.

Example: Axel Springer AG - BETSI Three pillars for an annual program

2 Strengthening know-how with corporate volunteering

In contrast to classical training methods, corporate volunteering is about the Work on aid projects, increases employee satisfaction and also the sense of community. In addition, the company volunteer program also brings internal benefits due to the enrichment of an external know-how.

With this employee benefit, companies not only strengthen their Sustainability Strategybut also benefits from an important instrument for the Personnel development and employee retention. Social engagement also improves employer attractiveness and thus proves to be a good employer branding tool.

Example: Kununu - Corporate Volunteering

community spirit

3. unlimited vacation - freedom based on trust

According to the legal entitlement, employees with a full-time job are only entitled to 20 vacation days. This depends on length of service, age and collective agreement. According to a study by Joblift however, more and more German companies are offering flexible leave solutions.

Instead of a fixed number of vacation days, employees can decide for themselves - or in consultation with their supervisors - how many days off they want to use. Although this may sound like an inflationary use of vacation days, the opposite is true. Many companies have to establish mechanisms to ensure that all employees take at least the statutory minimum vacation.

Example: Casper Mattresses - Unlimited vacations - a system that really works out?

4. compatibility of work and family for a healthy work-life balance.

Reconciling family and career is often not easy. To support working people, companies get involved by offering Subsidize or pay for childcare. Such a measure brings fast and direct relief for the employee, especially in times when daycare places are scarce in some regions of Germany.

How much is paid and for how long is individual and ranges from babies to schoolchildren. From big players to small companies - the range of childcare options at the workplace is growing. This is how a healthy work-life balance is achieved and it becomes enormously a lot of time saved by not having to travel to the daycare center or childminder. Such offers are a major advantage, especially in the battle for female talent.

Example: Sipgate - Miniclub

5th Company Retreat & Workation - Joint Stress Reduction and Team Building

Other health benefits include Company Retreats and Workations. Teambuilding and coworking measures of the company outside the regular work environment. Here, too, there are various models: a shared vacation, across teams or companies, rented Coworking Spaces far from your own office walls or regular active excursions.


Measures of this kind, however, involve a great deal of organizational effort, but in return they generate maximum gains in terms of loyalty and employer branding. In addition Stress of the regular workday relieved. Also through Home Office can counteract the stress.

Example: adjust - Company Retreat and Environmental Responsibility

Conclusion: Targeted use of the "BGM and employee benefits" interface

The measures contribute in their own individual way to enhancing the corporate culture. Be it through Massages at work (so-called on-site corporate wellbeing), consideration of the Work-life balance through childcare or the Company Retreat.

The basis for many of these actions is a culture of trust and it is precisely with this benefit that sympathy can be gained on the part of the employee generation in times of a shortage of skilled workers and the desired long-term employee loyalty. For HR managers, it is important to find out which individual offer from the interface of company health management and employee benefits is suitable for employees and the intended target groups.

This interface is a great opportunity for companiesto survive in the jungle of the shortage of skilled workers and, at the same time, to retain staff in the long term.

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Enno KuntzeAlways on the pulse of time, well-traveled and deeply relaxed: The graduate business psychologist is passionately dedicated to the topics of health, sports and employer reputation. Together with Alexander Freitag, he founded Wellnow, a service for on-site corporate wellness, in 2015. With growing demand in the B2B market, the founding team changed course to focus exclusively on corporate clients. Always with the goal of becoming the healthiest company in Germany in mind.


Wellnow has made it its mission to sustainably improve the well-being and physical health of employees. With a 360° wellbeing approach that can be integrated into individual company processes, Wellnow combines expertise in workplace health promotion, employer branding and wellbeing.

Massages and on-site services such as yoga or fitness can be integrated into the daily work routine, creating on-demand access to health services and self-optimization.