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Meditation and yoga journeys: This is how you get to rest on holiday

Not everyone finds it easy to relax on holiday. The secret recipe: meditation and yoga trips. They ensure that you not only calm down during your time away, but also in everyday life.

What are meditation and yoga tours?

Find peace and relieve stress. Yoga and meditation trips give strength and are tailored to the individual needs of the travelers. They each focus on a specific theme. In addition to yoga trips, there are, for example, meditation courses for beginners, seminars for positive thinking or a Anti-stress cure. Also Tai-Chi as well as hiking holidays are among the offers of travel providers like Wainando.

Courses and seminars take place in hotels, seminar houses or in monasteries. The accommodations offer the traveler no need for distractions. So you can fully concentrate on the meaning of the trip. WLAN is often only available on request - perfect for a digital timeout.

Yoga and meditation trips bring body and mind into harmony. Tour operators therefore often rely on a combination of Meditation and sporting activities such as Yoga, dance or tai chi. Furthermore, a healthy lifestyle during the time out essential. So there are usually balanced vegetarian meals on trips. Possible destinations for meditation and yoga trips are many, such as Long distance travel to New Zealand and India or a Meditation weekend in the Taunus.

"It is most important to us to bring people to places and to people. We want to help them find their strength and inner peace and come to their center. What is the right place for this is entirely individual."

explains Bernita Müller, founder of Wainando.

Besides Group travel are also Individual travel possible. You can travel alone or with a partner. The tour operator will tailor the itinerary to your personal wishes. Perfect to enjoy an extensive Holiday with yoga or meditation classes.

Retreat, yoga trip or yoga vacation?

When selecting Time Out with focus on yoga and Meditation, there are numerous possibilities. But what is actually the difference between yoga retreat, yoga trip and a yoga vacation?

Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats are particularly popular. After a defined programme regular yoga sessions are on the agenda. Yoga retreats are available for different levels - so even beginners can participate in suitable retreats. Often, this type of active travel takes place in extraordinary accommodations.

In addition, on a retreat special emphasis is placed on healthy eating laid. Accordingly, there is usually vegan and Ayurvedic food. In addition to regular yoga, a wellness and detoxification program is also part of the plan.

Yoga travel

Yoga retreats follow a less strict program than retreats. Nevertheless, they are just as suitable if you want to get to grips with yoga intensively. There are also numerous yoga and meditation sessions. In addition, yoga retreats score with a cultural programme - perfect if you want to explore the surroundings besides your favourite sport.

Yoga vacation

If you are traveling alone or with a partner, you can participate in yoga classes, but otherwise have no fixed programme. Ideal for yoga beginners.

What happens on meditation and yoga retreats?

The aim of Yoga and Meditation Journeys is relaxation. However, this time out is not just about rest, but also about change. On meditation journeys you concentrate completely on yourself. Here you will find time to listen to yourself and find out what is good for you or what is bad for you. to live more mindfully.

meditation trip

As you have ample time to deal with yourself on these journeys, yoga and meditation journeys offer you the best basis for a fresh start:

Whether you're with Smoking stop, live more mindfully or finally eat right On trips, seminar leaders respond to the individual needs of the participants. They also help you to redesign your life if you wish.

How much do meditation and yoga trips cost?

The costs for yoga and meditation trips vary depending on the duration and destination. A weekend holiday in Germany with full board and seminar is available from about 300 euros. A yoga trip to India, for example, costs around 700 euros per week. Travel and flights are not included in the price.

Discover new things

On meditation and yoga trips you can not only relax, but also get to know places and cultures from a whole new side. It doesn't always have to be a long-distance trip, as these travel examples show:

But Austria and Germany also have a lot to offer when it comes to yoga and meditation trips:

You don't just want to make your holiday stress-free, but also your everyday life? Here you will find numerous tips about stress management in the Job, in which Family and in the Partnership.

Text: Natalie Grolig