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Meditation - A miracle cure for stress

Do you know this? The thoughts don't want to stop. Constantly you get from the hundredth to the thousandth. You wish for nothing more than silence in your head. I know this feeling, this frustration, this despair. I was like that for a long time. Sometimes I even woke up at night because the thoughts in my head were just chasing each other back and forth. All I wanted was silence.

Because with these thoughts were also worries. I played out every possible scenario for every conversation and situation, living months ahead in the future. I was from stressed out, feeling low on energy, tired and sick.. Until I discovered meditation for myself.

She changed my life. In just a few weeks I became calmer inside, was able to Thought Carousel better and better stop, I discovered that I have thoughts, but that I am not my thoughts. And with this realization I learned that I can choose my thoughts, that I am not at their mercy, but that I can interrupt the thought loop at any time.

The positive effects

This feeling was so liberating. Little by little I discovered the many positive effects that regular meditation can bring. I could concentrate again, focus on one thing, I was living in the here and now instead of the past (which you can't change) or the future (which you don't know).

Through the inner peacewhich I could suddenly make myself, is also inner peace came. I have my Intuition rediscoveredI have felt that I am carried by the earth and that I am safe. I have felt the connectedness with everything and through this deep faith in myself and in life get.

Integrate meditation into everyday life

And the best part: You only need a few minutes a day and you can do it anywhere. In the beginning I recommend you to learn meditation in a course, to learn more about the basics. Also, it is easier to start in a quiet place where you are undisturbed. Later you will realize that you can meditate anywhere.

For me today, meditating is like the air I breathe. If I don't meditate for two or three days, I'm no longer in my center, I feel unbalanced. I use meditation to feel into myself, to practice focusing on one thing at a time, and to make decisions. Because your intuition is always perfect, everything you need is already inside you.

What are you waiting for?

You may discover all this within yourself. Meditation is a wonderful way to do that. Often I hear, "I can't do that, sit down and think nothing." You are not supposed to do that. It's about observing your thoughts, learning not to give in to them. Others find that "too esoteric...I don't believe in that". You don't need that either.

The effects of meditation are scientifically provenThe structures in the brain can change, new synapses can form, the grey matter can increase. The positive effects are not only for you privately a profit, but also in business, whether you are employed, manager or self-employed.

You strengthen your social skills, learn to listen better, make decisions faster, and strengthen your Resilience. So what are you waiting for? Start meditating today and use this miracle cure for yourself.

This article is a guest contribution from Ulla Goldberg.


I am a mentor and speaker for more serenity and clarity. I have developed the "Power Principle" from my best tools and methods. With it, everyone can become more calm and get more clarity. For a long time I was not in my power, I was without energy, stressed and tired. Bit by bit it has built up my life in serenity and fullness. Today I am focused on what is important to me.

As a mentor, I accompany my clients on their way to more time, more focus, more clarity, more serenity. In my online course "Learn to meditate in 28 days", I help my clients to discover and use the power of meditation for themselves.

You can find more about me and my work at or on Instagram.