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More sense, less stress

"You can never be happy if what you believe in doesn't line up with what you do."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

We live in a time when human interaction with each other is undergoing a major transformation. Instead of a face-to-face conversation, an overwhelming part of the conversation between two people shifts to a digital communication via modern media.

This development is certainly not all-embracingly negative. Nevertheless, it is noticeable that the togetherness among the Digitization suffers. The new way of communicating is more superficial and often colder than the personal conversation. Everyone seems to be next to themselves and many people lose their social support in their private lives. If they then - which is not infrequently the case - also pursue a profession that does not bring them any fulfilment and is also no fun, stress is pre-programmed.

Yet life itself is the greatest gift we have. Unfortunately, in most cases we are not very careful with it. A person born in Germany today is given an average of almost 30,000 days of life. This begs the question: Why should we spend a lot of those days in a job we don't like?

Shouldn't we be working much harder to fill the days we have with joy, enthusiasm, satisfaction, humanity and, above all, meaning? A first answer to this question is to recognize and to to be aware again and again that life is a gift.

Life is hard - take it easy!

"There are more important things in life than constantly increasing its speed."
Mahatma Gandhi

Most people feel a lot of pressure these days. Whether in the working world or in private life: The demands are constantly increasing. More and more tasks have to be completed in less and less time. Especially in the Job the requirements are getting higher and higher, more and more performance has to be achieved.

For many, the goal is to continuously increase their own monthly income in order to keep up with the constantly rising cost of living. This results not least in an all-encompassing fear of losing one's job.

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But this increasing pressure is not only evident in the professional world. Not only is the balance between private and professional life not right for most people, the pressure is also increasing in the private sphere. The constant accessibility and the fundamental Shifting our society towards new technologies, many no longer keep up. This creates stress (Digital Burnout).

The Internet with its market conditions has led to an expectation in many areas that everything is always and at all times immediately available. No wonder that many can no longer keep up and want to.

x-, y- and z-generation - pressure and stress know them all

Whether people over 50, those in midlife or young people at the start of their careers: almost everyone is familiar with the pressures that the world of work in particular brings. This often leads to Fear and fear, in turn, creates stress. The following issues in particular cause anxiety across generations:

  • Increased performance requirements and changes
  • real or imaginary time limits
  • Job loss
  • Ignorance
  • Image and salary losses

Straight People in the second half of life are increasingly threatened professionally by power struggles and position battles - especially when young staff comes in, companies are bought out or the management changes. At this age the fear of imminent job loss and in addition there is often the question of meaning: What am I doing all this for? And are there perhaps alternatives?

The generation of thirty-somethings sees itself confronted above all with the problems of feed the family and to ensure the monthly income. In addition to this, a large proportion of them are definitely aiming for a career. The reason behind this, however, is not only a higher image but also a higher salary. Last but not least, this generation finds it most difficult to reconcile work and family life. Family in balance.

young peopleThe first thing they want to do is prove themselves, but then they are faced with the problem of having accumulated mainly theoretical knowledge, while practical experience is still completely lacking. They want make a careerHowever, they usually do not feel they are in the right place in large companies and corporations.

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Time to rethink

"Paths are made by walking them."
Franz Kafka

It's never too late for change. Away from stress, towards a fulfilled life. Sometimes a small, meaningful quote is enough. Sometimes, however, something bigger is needed. Something that reminds us every day to treat our earth and our fellow human beings more carefully and lovingly - whether at work, in the family or in our leisure time.

In any case, we must realize that the path to more courage, harmony, humanity, for more laughter, contentment and awareness, is a path that never ends. The following 5 affirmations under the motto "The Meaning of MY Action" are intended to stimulate reflection and help find the right answers - for more gratitude, appreciation and recognition in the world of work:

  1. Joy instead of anger
  2. Enthusiasm instead of boredom
  3. Humanity instead of calculation
  4. More heart again instead of just head
  5. More courage to change something instead of resignation

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