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No Time To Relax - How you as a woman with family and business can decelerate

110% every day for all the to-dos, for all the responsibilities, for family, for friends, for vacations, for events, for series, for hobbies, ... just somehow not for you - all alone.

At the same time, you slip into dozens of different roles in one day, anxious to do justice to all of them. Perhaps the thought of emancipation comes over you again and again and that today's woman always manages everything and is constantly strong.

Do you know this?

The feeling of being sucked dry. At worst, even knowing what, but feeling powerless to change it? No longer knowing exactly who you are. In which roles you feel comfortable and how you can truly live them?

Unfortunately, no after-work or weekend alone is enough to slow down and find yourself. But a regular Relax and Stressless Moments culture is.

Did you know that if you've already been under stress for about an hour in the morning, you actually need a 45-minute break right away so that you can think and act logically with "ease" throughout the day? Especially with small children, this is often not so easy.

Did you know that we are able to promote stimulus-inhibiting substances in our brain that allow us to take in stimuli but not process them?

Did you know that, according to a study, people would rather inflict pain on themselves than endure emptiness? And this already within 15 minutes, because we are trimmed to always take in new stimuli to feel alive?

Did you know that our lifestyle is getting faster and faster and only you can slow down? Surely you know that! Only so incredibly often I hear the question, but how?

Because we are trained to react to stimuli, even to look for them, driven by the fear of missing something, of not being up to date, we are addicted...

In 2016, the emotional and rational switch went off for me for some time - I had burnout and depression. In retrospect, as it often is, the most grateful thing that could have happened to me.

Because the Love for decelerationThe same way that I helped people back then, the same way that I helped people today, the same way I helped them not to fall into this "higher, faster, further..." trap and to lose themselves. trap and lose themselves.

I would like to give you a few effective and efficient impulses and opportunities to the hand. For each time of day two - once as a quickie and once for longer intense moments.

But first of all in general - from heart to heart!

  1. Find out in which moment you need what exactly.
  2. Get to know your values.
  3. Be mindful and notice energy robbers and energy draining things. If you can, change it on your terms, say goodbye or change it.
  4. Be mindful and notice energy givers. Integrate them consciously and if possible more!
  5. Be mindful and perceive your environment in every moment with all your senses!

Let's move on to ways to slow down throughout the day - despite busy schedules and big responsibilities.

Tips for deceleration


Depending on how you get up in the morning, or fall out of bed, or maybe like me wake up hours before the alarm clock in a bed full of toys and cuddly toys and a child somewhere in between... start the morning already with an intention for the day and respect for the day.

Relax & Stressless Quickie

My favorite quickie tip is early in the morning for a minute a cold washcloth first once briefly over the whole face, then only over the eyes and calmly breathe in and out for five seconds.

The cold makes you awake! The pressure receptors in the face react to the fluffy soft, cold cloth. They release happiness hormones, Energy, Force and joy spread. The five-second breathing brings heart and head on one level. The cold gives you a Energy boost. You wake up, awake to pull out trees.

Relax & Stressless Moments

Set an intentionbefore you get ready for the day and then start getting ready for the day. Ten minutes of imagining what your heart longs for today to feel fulfilled. Really go into the feeling and when it is strongest, then press firmly for a moment the skin between the thumb and index finger of one hand, with the thumb from above and the index finger from below of the other hand.

Thereby you set a Anchor. If throughout the day in stressful moments you feel it is necessary to activate the anchor point and feelings, press it again and refuel with your intention.


If you think that you do not have Break or can't afford a break right now, then do it anyway!

Relax & Stressless Quickie

At least two minutes Alternate breathing. Place the thumb and middle finger of one hand on each nostril. Close the left nostril and inhale deeply through the right. Close the right and open the left nostril and breathe out slowly and in deeply again. Now switch again.

You bring your feminine, cooling and masculine, warming energy into harmony. You regulate yourself, your mood and fill up with new energy. It also calms and brings in Balance. You can regain clear focus.

Relax & Stressless Moments

You are what you eat. Make sure, depending on how you eat (two or three meals, intermittent fasting,...), that you eat high-energy food and celebrate it. Turn off the cell phone and connect your Food intake with an intention. For example, a body-nourishing one. Feel how you make every cell in you happy and gain new energy.

And after that stretch, move, relax your neck (or depending on what you are working, what needs to be relaxed). As if you want to shake up everything in you and distribute the energy you have absorbed in you, and Release energy blockages.


Depending on whether you have a small or large family, the Day after work not yet over! The main thing, however, is that you take a break so that your system can regenerate! If you are a night owl, then perhaps take a more intensive break now.

Relax & Stressless Quickie

Hugs. Embrace your loved ones! Actuate your pressure receptors of the skin, let them activate. They provide the Release of happiness hormonesthat relax, de-stress and give energy. At the same time it is an appreciation and gratitude to you and your loved ones!


The understanding of your loved ones that you are taking time for yourself afterwards is most likely much higher than if you leave them out. At the same time, especially small children feel incredibly important and significant when they know that they have done something very good for mom and can help. Communicate it.

Hugs don't have to last for hours. Just 1-2 minutes is enough. And the children's hugging stamina increases when they know that they are doing something very good for you!

Relax & Stressless Moments

Take "at least" half an hour for yourself! If you are still full of pent-up energy, then I recommend that you first of all move! To carry your energy outward, to transform, to let free, so that you can relax and drive down afterwards! Because full of energy, you will Yoga or Meditation... are of no use. It doesn't have to be hours, it can be done in minutes. For example, through a HIT workout or Tabata. Or you dance to your favorite song.

Take care of yourself intensively afterwards! Emptiness is the best thing you can give yourself now! No music, no series, no Instagram story or anything else. Digital and external stimulus DETOX!!! Your system wants to shut down and should absolutely be allowed to do so! Whether through a bath, meditation, Breathing exercisesor at best do nothing at all. That is up to you.

You give yourself a chance to process the day, wind down and recharge at night through good sleep. This is not only an appreciation for you, but also for your loved ones. Before you go to bed, I encourage you to "thank". That is Balm for your brain and soul. You also fall asleep with a sense of accomplishment.


Just we women in the (own) business row for equal acknowledgment under anbrecht of that that in us nevertheless still the internal driver to have to fulfill all role models is present! And just for a healthy and lively family climate, is "Selfcare", the love for you and your Self-lead care indispensable.

Not having time is a lazy trained excuse! Because we permanently spend time in old destructive conditionings every day. Our brain is out to secure, the previously functioning structures. No matter if positive or negative. It is influenced and trimmed daily.

Now it's time to find yourself Reprogram. At Success through deceleration. Be loving with yourself, not too strict. Take ups and downs as they come and remember especially in the downs that everything stands and falls with you. Be the most beautiful role model there can be!

Know that you are valuable and deserve to be in balance! Despite many to-dos, despite great responsibility! Perfect, powerful and sensitive, in the most beautiful imperfect way!

This article is a guest contribution from Nadine Elsner.


Profundity, freedom and feminine power, are three of my values. I accompany women to create and lead an emotionally free and strong life. Through clarity, and a new awareness that change may be easy, that old patterns of belief, thought and behavior, as well as pain and trauma are not the guide for one's life, I want to move and create a movement. In addition, deceleration and a healthy relax culture are topics that move the women and me.

Where does this come from? I am mom of one, had everything myself (career & status in real estate, network) and lost it all. Because I got Hashimoto's, burnout and depression. I coached and coached myself out intensely. Trauma and pain resolved and recreated and implemented in the way I want to live my life and who I want to be in it. Hence I am a mental trainer with passion, as well as a yoga trainer, change and deceleration coach.