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Reduce stress and create YOUR new reality with PSYCH-K

Stress is a normal term for everyone today. Each of us feels stress in one or the other everyday situation. If our ancestors used to run away from a bear or a tiger, it is now our job, our relationships, our nutrition, our body or our financial situation that make us feel stress.

Stress is a chemical process in the body that we feel when the hormones adrenalin and cortisol are released in the body. This process prepares us for fight or flight. This reaction is triggered by our perception.

You do not reach your full potential when you are stressed

This means that you perceive a situation and directly unconscious programs run in you, which confirm that this particular situation means "danger" for you and that you should run or fight as fast as possible.

You think of your two brain hemispheres (left: logical brain hemisphere, right: creative brain hemisphere), which both have different qualities, you mostly think with only one dominant half. This leads to the fact that you cannot use your brain capacity to the full to come to the solution of your problems.

How can you change your perception?

It's simple. You change your thoughts. But simple doesn't always mean simple. You can't control your thoughts all day, can you? You wouldn't have any time for other things.

That's why there's the Subconscious (one of three levels of consciousness). Your subconscious mind has an insane capacity and stores everything that has to do with you. Like computer programs. In your subconscious you find everything you have ever learned, all your reactions and beliefs about yourself and your life.

That's just as well. If we didn't have a subconscious that stores the learned programs for us and reproduces them automatically when needed, we would have to learn everything we can today every day anew.

And that's where the catch is. Because your subconscious lets programs run automatically and unconsciously, they are not easy for you to grasp. You don't get your thoughts to 95% of the day at all. But exactly those thoughts, which you consciously don't notice, control you and your perception and therefore also your reactions.

So if you want to change your reactions to certain situations in order to reduce the stress you feel, you have to adapt to your outdated unconscious programs and change them.

Paying attention to your feelings

For one thing, you can pay attention to your feelings. If you feel uncomfortable and don't know where it comes from, then it is possible that unconscious programs are running at that very moment that are no longer useful to you. Then you can simply think of something that feels good for you at that moment. No matter what. If you do this again and again and again, you give the negative unconscious thoughts no more room for maneuver and exchange them over time with your positive thoughts.


You can also write new programs with the help of affirmations (dogmas). With sentences like "I am lovable", "I am wealthy", "I feed myself intuitively" or "I am successful". you program your subconscious to the new desired destinations over time. So your new way of thinking by repeating the sentences every day.

Both work, but both methods are time consuming and you need a lot of patience and a certain Mindfulness until you realize that these new statements are true for you.

Psychological Kinesiology

A much faster method is offered by psychological kinesiology - in short PSYCH-K®.

With PSYCH-K ® we quickly establish a brain condition that on the one hand connects all 3 levels of consciousness (consciousness, subconsciousness, superconsciousness or higher self) and on the other hand both halves of the brain are united. In a conscious state we establish a holistic brain function. This does not hurt and is not invasive.

On the one hand, this brain state allows us to access the capacity of both hemispheres of the brain in order to find solutions to our problems more quickly. On the other hand, new beliefs can now be "programmed" into the subconscious and thus dissolve old negative thought patterns. This within minutes. No matter how long you have been living with certain situations.

This Whole Brain State reduces your stress and you can concentrate on yourself during the coaching. The dismantling negative beliefs additionally relieves your stress in certain everyday situations and you can deal better with unpleasant situations in the long run. All automatically without thinking about it.

The application possibilities of PSYCH-K®

The possible applications are very versatile:

  • Fears
  • Grief
  • Phobias
  • Change behaviour patterns
  • build relationships
  • Strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Various Mindset themes
  • Body awareness

can be resolved, improved or modified with the help of PSYCH-K®.

PSYCH-K® is suitable for all adults and teenagers who have a healthy psyche. So do not suffer from any illness, like schizophrenia or similar. In kinesiology we work with the so-called Muscle test. This tells us whether a belief in our subconscious is "strong", i.e. true for us, or "weak", i.e. not yet true for us. Since I coach my clients online, an introductory video contains instructions for the self-muscle test, which anyone can easily learn and perform.

Personally, I am very PSYCH-K® convinced

Because it has already helped me to resolve many stress factors in my life. With the help of psychological kinesiology I have strengthened my body perception and my self-confidence immensely and also my beliefs regarding money and wealth have improved significantly. This enables me today to freer, easier and less stressful life to lead.

The advantages of PSYCH-K®

We only need a few minutes to dissolve old negative beliefs. The result is long lasting. The change remains as long as your subconscious needs it. Usually for a lifetime.

Ghandi once said:

"Your thoughts become your words, your words become your behaviour, your behaviour becomes your habit, your habit becomes your values and your values become your destiny.

If we want to change what we experience, we have to start with our unconscious thoughts and I can support you with PSYCH-K® very much.

This article is a guest contribution from Melissa Kindermann.


I am a PSYCH-K® companion and I accompany women through the process of transformation of negative beliefs. I find everything about the topic Mindset, Power of Thought & Spirituality incredibly exciting and interesting. I experience myself what a positive change this has brought about in my life.

My mission is to help as many women as possible realize their full potential and use it to live the best life they could ever have dreamed of. /