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Resilience - how you emerge strengthened from crises!

No matter what crisis may occur in life, to survive it unscathed and even emerge from it stronger - sounds like Superman? Not quite, because resilient people possess precisely this ability to successfully defy all of life's adversities.

And the good thing is that you are not helplessly exposed to the vagaries of life. Every person has his resilience in his own hands.

Five building blocks for more resilience in your life:

1. support

Dare to ask for help and also to accept help, because in difficult life situations you can Friends and family as an effective stress buffer serve and also show other points of view.

2. acceptance

There are situations and crises in life that initially take the wind out of your sails and that can't be talked down. Nevertheless, it is important to accept them and to accept them as they are. Because through this step you will again capable of acting and can actively look for ways out of the low. How do you manage to become capable of acting again?

  • Step 1: Get yourself into a different emotional state. How can you best distract yourself and get into a more positive emotional state?
  • Step 2: Look closely. What exactly happened to you?
  • Step 3: What positive changes and opportunities can this create?

3. optimism

"Don't worry be happy" would be the wrong approach here. Consider the situation realisticEven if you are going downhill at the moment and going through hard times, you can trust that things will get better again afterwards. Fortunately, everything in life changes, even the bad times.

Think about the situations you have already successfully mastered in the past, even though you would not have thought it possible at the beginning. Additionally promote your positive trains of thoughtYou can help yourself by practicing noticing and recording the good things of the day every day, even in the form of a happiness diary. It's often the little things in life that make you feel positive - the birdsong in the morning, a mild summer evening or a friendly colleague.

4. solution orientation

Actively search for possible solutions instead of endlessly burying yourself in your problems. Avoid tunnel vision and also dare to look away from the standard solution, especially if you seem to end up in the same problem over and over again. What possible solutions, however creative, would be possible?

Creativity and flexibility make us adaptable and usually help us get through crises more quickly. Don't be afraid to ask people who have nothing to do with the matter. They often see the situation from a completely different perspective.

5. self-confidence

Trust in yourself and your abilities. What challenges have you already successfully mastered and what skills did you use to achieve this? However, self-confidence can only be built up if you don't permanently reach your limits. Therefore, take good care of yourself and your body. When does it become too much for you?

Allow yourself regular downtime and rest periods. Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend and don't be too hard on yourself!

This article is a guest contribution from Verena Blindzellner


As a time-out coach, I burn to support people in finding their personal way to deal with their "problem monsters and energy robbers" in a healthy and conscious way. Whether it's a relaxation course, hypnosis or a coaching session: with me, it's the person who counts, just as they are, with all their strengths and weaknesses!

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