school stress and consequences

School stress and its consequences

Students are increasingly suffering from school stress. The increasingly strong Pressure to perform lets the students not only psychic, but also physically ill become. Already in elementary school, some children suffer from Insomniaheadaches and stomachaches. If the pressure is too great and free time is scarce, even children can burn out.
Nutrition can also suffer from school stress. Some students develop unhealthy overeating habits, while other children and adolescents have no appetite at all due to the stress and therefore suffer just as much from a Eating Disorder.

Pressure to perform, excessive demands and anxiety

Performance stress arises before ExamsThis is the case when there is a lot of studying to be done or when the children and young people do not understand the required subject matter. Due to the fear of bad grades, the students feel Overstrained and pressured. In doing so, they fear the reactions of parents, but also the reactions of classmates who might consider them "less intelligent." Also the topic Transfer to the next grade level contributes to this performance stress.

If a child does not reach the class target, he or she has self-doubt and fears of losing friends and social contacts in the class. This pressure to perform is felt by children as early as preschool and elementary school age. A typical example of performance pressure at elementary school age is the Transfer to secondary schoolswhich puts many children and parents to the test. Not infrequently, this situation in the families leads to Stress and conflicts.

Social stress is another form of school stress that can occur due to various causes in the school environment. Some children feel fear of being an outsider (Bullying) because they cannot prevail against classmates in the struggle for popularity and recognition. But also Student-Teacher Relationships, which do not work, can be a major stressor for many students.


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Recognize symptoms of stress

Affected students find the pressure to perform so overwhelming that they develop physical and mental problems. The most common symptoms are:

  • Concentration problems
  • Insomnia
  • Nightmares
  • Headaches
  • Abdominal pain
  • Eating disorders such as loss of appetite or even overeating.
  • Social withdrawal, lowered self-esteem
  • Aggressive or depressive behavior

Tips against school stress

To prevent school stress, it is important for students to be in a stable environment grow up. Of great importance is a good relationship with parents and friends. Also enough free time helps to recover from the rigors of school. Parents should pay attention to the fact that with the children the Movement in connection with a healthy eating does not come up short. More helpful tips:

  • In everyday life at home are simple rituals, fixed rules and Hobbies important so that the children's everyday lives also include many stress free times Contains.
  • Children should during school hours sleep in time go. School books, laptop or smartphone should be banned from the bed.
  • Clear agreements regarding the Doing homework are useful to avoid hectic in the evening and the next morning.
  • Rewards when agreements are kept or successes are celebrated, reinforce the Trust between parents and child.
  • Leisure activities, such as Sport should not become an additional source of stress. When it comes to hobbies, the pressure to perform should play a very subordinate role.
  • Children should be familiar with the Start learning for schoolwork and exams early. When time is too short, new stress is created.
  • Attention and conversations help when children show the first noticeable symptoms or their performance at school suddenly drops sharply.
  • Order on the desk is important to better focus on learning.

Also the Role model function of the parents is not to be underestimated. If you set a good example by setting a good example of balance, the children will be infected by this positive energy.