school stress-through-high aptitude

Stress at school due to giftedness

Wouldn't it be great if your own child was a little genius? Many parents of highly gifted children would not necessarily sign this. Because parents and their children who are blessed with a highly gifted child do not always have it easy.

While highly gifted children can still be fostered relatively easily in kindergarten, it becomes more difficult at the latest when they start school. Often the first measure is to let the child start school one year earlier, i.e. at the age of five. This step can already counteract some problems, but further measures should follow. Because these children usually have more complex interests than their older classmates, a quicker grasp of the situation and feel quickly underchallenged.

Parents and children need help, they have to learn to deal with mental capacities and the stress that comes with them. Because despite their above-average talents, the children on an emotional level of course still children and also need what all children basically need. A lot of affection, understanding and patience are important in order to master everyday family life and not to give the child the feeling that it is a burden to the family peace.

The first step in the case of signs of high giftedness can always be an intelligence test, which, if necessary special educational support ...that can result.

Child highly gifted? Recognize signs

Children with a high IQ are bored at school because they feel permanently underchallenged. They do not see the point of dealing with classroom topics. This underchallenge can quickly lead to inner frustration the effect that... Therefore, the affected children are looking for a balance and are constantly seeking new challenges. But this is only one of many signs of giftedness.


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Further signs of above-average talent

  • very early and differentiated speech and building a large vocabulary
  • increased curiosity: many things are questioned and Detailed knowledge developed
  • Difficulties in the acceptance of unreflected instructions by authorities
  • dealing with topics and games that are not appropriate for the age group
  • conspicuous quick comprehensionoften combined with far-reaching combinations and links from other areas. Followed by a relatively sudden loss of interest
  • extraordinary good memory and powers of observation
  • early computing power and good estimation of quantities and sizes
  • big Interest in books at an age when other children are just developing points of contact with letters and words
  • strong sense of sorting and organising in connection with Perfectionism
  • high concentration in case of intellectual challenge and loss of concentration in routine tasks

Possible problematic behaviour

  • through early independence, hypersensitivity and being "different" quickly in a Outsider role
  • motor restlessness, fidgeting, Interference behaviour and impulsiveness
  • Difficulties in accepting authority can quickly lead to the child being labelled as disrespectful

Assistance and advice for gifted students

Parents' initiatives, interest groups and special offers from universities offer suggestions in everyday life and can provide meaningful support and help in dealing with the special needs of gifted children in a relaxed manner. In addition to various forms of assistance, there is above all much Patience and attention asked.

Pressure, on the other hand, is poison for the particular situation and damages the relationship between the children and weakens their self-esteem and self-confidence. You can find more information for example under: