selfcare-an-investment in your health and satisfactionGuest article

Selfcare - an investment in your health and satisfaction

Is your everyday life often also much too stressful? So that you rush from one appointment to the next, doing this and that without even pausing for a moment or paying attention to your resources? If the breath wouldn't flow by itself, we would probably forget that.

Stress trap "higher, faster, further"

Unfortunately, in our society it is still all too often said "higher, faster, further" - regardless of the consequences. And the "losses" I'm referring to are our own: Your circle of friends is getting smaller because you're running out of time. Your family is complaining because you are always busy. And at some point, you reach a point where you can't keep lose mental and physical health will. And you can't buy them for all the money in the world. And it can be so easy, so simple.

"...and then you have to have time to just sit there and look at it."
Astrid Lindgren

Selfcare - You are valuable

You can do something about this meritocracy: Self-care. Appreciate and respect yourself. Look after your needs. Take time for fun, joy and pleasure. For example, treat yourself regularly Breaks in your everyday life. Whether it's five minutes or a short break

My personal tip: I'll block this me-time in my diaryto take advantage of them and to strengthen me and my health.

Sleep-inducing self-care

Another step for more Self-care in your life is a comforting sleep experience. Make sure you get enough restful sleep to activate the self-healing powers of your body and to trigger the regeneration of your organism.

In addition, it is important that you start your night's rest with positive thoughts and leave emotions that stress you outside your bed. Because otherwise your thought carousel will keep spinning incessantly and your Influence sleep quality.

Here you will find a few suggestions on how to get into a positive sleep:

  • Listen to you quietly in the evening, relaxing musicfor example instrumental music or Sounds of nature like the sound of the sea...on. This has a calming effect on you and helps you to let go of negative thoughts.
  • You can consciously focus on your breathing and, for example, by deepening exhalation, you can get more into relaxation.
  • Drink before going to bed Ayurvedic home remedythe so-called badam milk. This spice milk soothes the nerves and has a strengthening and grounding effect. As a tasty nightcap it can help with sleep disorders due to stress, for example, but also with PMS and mood swings. It is also easy and quick to prepare. The warm milk you should drink a sip before going to bed, at least one hour after your last meal. Here you will find a simple recipe.
  • My personal tip: Write your negative thoughts out of your head! Take a piece of paper and a pencil in your hand and write down everything that is still bothering you at the moment and is not letting you rest. This will clear your head and you can concentrate on what is coming up now: a restful and deep sleep experience.

This article is a guest contribution from Catherine Ehlers


As a structure expert, I support people in reducing their stress levels and creating a work-life integration for what is important to them. Because I know from my own experience how important it is to be in balance with family, job & your dreams.

I work with individual, solution-oriented methods from coaching, taking into account the areas of mindfulness and stress management, and pass on my personal life hacks to you. For more information please follow me at Instagram.