How stress affects weight

Sometimes life is simply unfair: You are under the gun all day, you work hard at your job and in the household - and on top of it all, you gain weight. Because under time and performance pressure you often eat unbalanced. After an exhausting day, you usually have neither the time nor the nerves to buy healthy food in peace and quiet, let alone turn it into balanced meals. But that alone is not the reason for stress-related overweight.

Stress promotes uncontrolled eating behaviour

Stress has a great influence on the psyche, which in turn can have a major impact on weight. Under pressure, many people tend to fall back into old patterns of behaviour and think less goal-oriented. Under stress one has therefore less motivation and willpowereach other to eat healthy food or a workout. This is how you quickly get into a unhealthy vicious circleif the weight gain in turn leads to dissatisfaction and negative stress leads. There would be... Sport is especially important, because exercise helps you to get rid of stress and also calms the increased cortisol level.

Stress causes the release of fattening hormones

Stress always causes the same reaction in our organism: it influences our hormone balance. The feeling of stress causes the so-called fight-or-flight reaction in the body, which man has learned in primeval times to survive. This involves the release of the hormone cortisol, a messenger substance that is produced in the adrenal gland and is also known as the stress hormone. This hormone is supposed to teach the brain to rescue itself from the supposedly dangerous situation as quickly as possible. Even though this is rarely necessary today - the body does not recognize whether the situation is life-threatening or everyday stress.


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From time to time the release of cortisol is not a problem. But when stress becomes a permanent condition, it leads to an overproduction of the hormone. Since the messenger substance is not only responsible for the fight-or-flight reaction, but also for many processes in our body, this can lead to health problems - including weight gain. Cortisol is in fact a real Thickenerwhich significantly influences our metabolism, appetite, blood sugar and fat burning.

What to do to avoid stress?

There are some techniques for Stress Management.