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Sovereign and strong: Be your own hero

Whether it is a presentation to colleagues, a poem in the family circle or a karaoke song with friends, we find ourselves in situations day in and day out where sovereignty, stamina and flexibility are required. Or is it ourselves that we put ourselves under pressure?

Especially in unexpected and stressful situations, we often find that we find it difficult to remain confident. We let our environment unsettle us or literally let it steal the show.

Cut it out! Here are three methods to continuously strengthen your own sovereignty:

Concentrate on your breath

The pulse rises, the breath becomes shallower, a feeling of discomfort, a feeling of fear comes up in us. Now it says breathe properly! But many of us have forgotten to breathe "naturally". When watching babies you will notice very fast that they breathe in the so-called abdominal breathing. Thereby the lower belly area rises and falls, approximately at the height of the navel. For us, this is easy to imitate by placing the hand on the belly and consciously breathing there.

Through such concentrated breathing the parasympathetic nerve (also vagus) can be calmed quickly and effectively. This nerve supports us to build up and regenerate the body's own resources, which in turn too less Stress leads.

Bottom line: Mind your breath!

Steal with pride

If we try to remember how we learned to walk and speak, we will probably find it quite difficult - and yet we can do it today without much effort. In our basic instinct it is firmly anchored other to imitate and copyhow something works. So why not also how we can be sovereign?

Do you have a role model that motivates and inspires you? A role model that embodies sovereignty for you? No? Then it is high time. With the help of role models we learn to be sovereign by simply looking and imitating them. This automatically answers one of the most important questions: How do I best imitate my role model?

Here it is particularly helpful to use eccentric role models, as their gestures, facial expressions and behaviour are particularly easy to recognise.

Bottom line: Find yourself a sovereign role model!

Practice makes perfect

The groundwork has been done, but even the best theory is of no use if it is not put into practice. Yes, training hard can be extremely unpleasant. But let's face it: Who of us could ride a perfect bike on the first try?

It's all about eyes closed and through. Find suitable ways to prove your sovereignty. The best way is playful and in a pleasant environment. Your friends will be looking forward to the next karaoke party.

For those who find this too fancy, the following exercise can be done daily at home in front of the mirror. The first minutes of the day are best suited for this. With the so-called "power posing" you stand in front of the mirror in a powerful pose, tense your muscles all over your body and additionally push yourself with motivating compliments such as "I am unique, I am strong and invincible".

Sounds fun - it is. You'll be surprised what happens during the day.

Bottom line: Continuity and positive thinking are the key to sovereignty.

This article is a guest contribution from Anton Heinzel.


I would like to pass on the good feeling, the self-confidence and the simplicity of pursuing goals. My personal goal is that EVERYONE knows and lives the feeling of "HOME". The special thing about "Home Coaching" is that the coaching sessions can also take place outdoors during a leisurely walk, a brisk mountain hike or, in winter, during a ski tour. There is no limit to your ideas!