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3 strategies against internal stress

Stress is part of life. But as with so many things, the right dosage is also important when it comes to stress. Only when a healthy dose is exceeded are we called upon to practice stress management. Setting priorities can be helpful.

Without a certain amount of stress we would be missing something. Because without stress boredom would arise, it is the salt in the soup, so to speak. Only when there is too much of it, it becomes uncomfortable. Physical and emotional reactions can occur. However, before health problems occur, stress factors should be recognised in time and avoided if possible.

Easier said than done, because external stress factors often cannot simply be turned off. Here it is important to find a way of coping with stress, for example with Sport or Music. The only thing we can do ourselves and directly face the inner stress, namely with the following 3 strategies:

  • let go of habits
  • set priorities
  • say no

Reduce stress by letting go

There are firmly established habits that inevitably lead to stress again and again. Classic examples of this are, for example, the habits of controlling everything and doing everything as perfectly as possible. These two habits really do have it in them. Because they not only complement each other, but, like in Ping Pong, they keep passing the ball to each other. The drive for perfection and control reflects fears. Fear of loss and fear of not being good enough, of failure and not meeting requirements.

All triggers, so control and Perfection is not only applied to oneself, but also often to third parties. The mechanisms of control and perfection lead to Stressful infinite loopwhich is why she's gotta be on the list...Let go" for stress reduction. Courage to be gapless and serene to train here are the best strategies to eliminate these kinds of stress factors and to achieve more inner peace.

What priorities have to do with stress

There is a lot of truth in the well-known sentence "Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today". Because everything that we put off before us causes resentment and not least of all inner stress. There are such mundane things as sorting papers or doing the house cleaning. We know that the longer we put it off, the more we accumulate. Setting priorities is the solution here. What can wait, what would be better done first?

This example does not only apply to everyday life, but is transferable to many other areas of life such as family, work and even life planning. Those who set priorities have goals. Goals can be planned and any stress can be kept under control.

Why a no is the best strategy against stress

Many find it difficult to say a clear "no" in the right place. But this little word is perfectly suited to reduce the stress factor considerably. Why? Because it is much better, by saying no, be careful with yourself than against the inner willingness to act. Because a pronounced yes, although everything cries out for a no inwardly, causes discomfort and above all stress.

So better more often say nowithout a guilty conscience. Especially if you would otherwise suppress your own sensitivities or even go beyond your own performance limits. A no rarely arises from rudeness or rejection. However, since people usually react to a no with incomprehension and disappointment, a guilty conscience quickly creeps in, which in turn can create internal pressure.

A no is sometimes a tricky business, but often unavoidable in order to avoid stressful situations. In the sense of general stress management and reduction, we also remember to set priorities here.

This article is a guest contribution from Marianne Rauch


I am owner and blogger of the online health magazine gesu-optimal.com. With my blog I address myself to people who want to open their awareness for their own physical and mental health and strengthen it beyond that. Readers will find interesting facts about health and vitality.