stress factor jealousy

Stress factor jealousy

Jealousy can put a heavy strain on the relationship between two people. But does jealousy automatically lead to stress? Doctors confirm this assumption.

When you experience a stressful situation, stress arises as a physical reaction to it. In order to process the situation appropriately, the body is put on alert. As the control centre, the brain releases stress hormones within seconds and floods the body with the hormone adrenaline. This increases the breathing rate and the pulse rate.

Jealousy usually occurs because one partner does something that the other does not like. The main cause of jealousy is an over low self-esteem. Jealousy arises mainly because you feel inferior and think that others are superior to you. Pathological jealousy can relationship problems trigger or amplify them.

To prevent jealousy from becoming a stress factor, those affected should learn to deal with their Fear of loss to deal with.


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How does jealousy become a stress factor?

In a relationship, jealousy often arises from infidelity of a partner or even suspicion of it. Distrust and fear of loss then lead to jealousy and stress. Pathological jealousy of a partner can lead to Stress test for the relationship and even their end. Constantly asking questions or checking the mobile phone for hidden messages creates an irritable mood, which in turn leads to stress. The partner reacts irritated or withdraws.

Sometimes one partner actually gives the other a reason for distrust through his behaviour. Misunderstandings should be clarified in a partnership through conversationto solve the problem and not endanger the relationship. Which behaviours lead to jealousy depends on the personality of the partners, because every person reacts differently to certain situations.

Under certain circumstances, a relationship in itself can become a stress factor. Excessive and pathological jealousy is considered the main cause of permanent relationship stress. Whoever prescribes rules or imposes restrictions on his partner deprives him of his freedom in a certain way. If this form of distrust determines daily life, jealousy turns into stress. While a jealous reaction may be appropriate in some cases, jealous behaviour is pathological for no reason and can also destroy a long-term relationship.

Jealousy often conceals Power struggles rolled into one Partnershipsuch as when one of the partners cannot live up to his or her need for power. However, the stressful life is individual, so jealousy causes stress in some people, while others are better able to deal with their feelings.

How can you prevent the stress of jealousy?

If you want to prevent stress caused by jealous behaviour, you should gain confidence. Jealousy of the partner cannot be prevented, because jealousy traps lurk everywhere. Pretty women, muscular men's arms or deep necklines are often triggers for quarrels and can lead to scenes of jealousy.

The storms of emotion can be Reality check can easily be prevented. To do this, you simply put yourself in your partner's shoes and consider whether a pretty bikini figure can actually endanger a great love affair. If your partner feels well looked after by you, your Trust and your Respect an appreciative glance at another attractive woman will not endanger a partnership.

However, constant jealousy can not only trigger and increase stress, but can also be a warning signal that one's own needs in the relationship are not being met. That is why you should be concerned, what wishes you have for your partnership and try to get a conversation with your partner. Communication is the best way to clear up misunderstandings and mistrust.

Sometimes your own Fear of commitment Cause for jealous behavior or you may need more freedom yourself. If you deal with the reasons for your jealousy, you can find an appropriate solution and deal with your feelings more relaxed.

Think positively about your partner and trust him, even if his behaviour differs from your wishes. In a partnership both partners always remain individual persons. You can increase your inner security by appreciating and respecting your partner and remembering his good sides. In joint discussions the causes of jealousy, stress and dissatisfaction can be clarified and afterwards a solution for both partners can be found.