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Stress-free travel

More and more people are permanently affected in their daily and professional lives by Stress exposed. That is why we long for Holidays with as little time commitment as possible, without pressure to perform and above all without stress. In the following article we report on our experiences and tips on how to avoid stress while traveling.

Tip number 1: Travel insurance

The Holiday can become less stressful with travel insurance. You don't have to worry about who will pay in case of damage and you have one less thing to do on holiday. In general, we always recommend travel insurance, because it is quite risky to be uninsured abroad.

And even if, as in Germany, it is not compulsory, you shouldn't think about giving it up.. Meanwhile, the Internet is full of inexpensive providers, so that there is certainly the right offer for every traveler.


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Tip number 2: Holiday planning

So that the stress doesn't start before the holiday has even really begun, we always recommend detailed planning. Before the trip, it is important to deal with questions like "What do I need for my holiday?" or "What do I want to see in that time frame?"to get to grips with the topic at an early stage. That's why we often start planning up to two weeks before the trip.

In doing so, we write down exactly, what we wish to see, how much budget we have available, inform us about the local weather conditions, in order to right clothes and check our Documents such as passport and driver's license for their validity. Sometimes we even rehearse packing a few days before departure, but really only sometimes.

Tip number 3: Compare interests

If one does not icy just alone, it is of advantage with the fellow travellers to talk about the respective interestsso that discrepancies can be prevented on site. If you know from the beginning what interests the person has, it is easier to arrange so that during the holiday no one has to do without anything and thus all travelers can spend a holiday according to their ideas.

Because it doesn't matter if you travel in pairs, in fours or with a very large group, because in the end, you are Compromise and mutual understanding the basis for a harmonious holiday.

Tip number 4: Be on time

To avoid stress, it makes sense to be at the airport a few hours before departurebecause often the procedure there takes longer than expected. For example, it happens quickly that the check-in is delayed due to a long queue or you are stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the airport. To prevent stress before your holiday, we recommend that you always leave home early.

If we've learned anything in the last two years, it's that the craziest things can happen while traveling, things that no one would have expected. Because as they say: Things always seem to happen when you least expect them. Most of the time, however, it's not really necessary to stress out, because there are hardly any problems, especially when traveling, that can't be solved quickly.

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