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Inherited stress - How to recognise it and what you can do about it

Stress is not always "homemade". If you suffer from stress and cannot find any causes for it in your life, it may be that you have inherited traumas from your ancestors. How this is possible and what you can do about it, you will find out in this article.

Why the traumas of your ancestors can still stress you today

Sandra (name changed) felt like she was always on the run. She rushed through her daily routine, could hardly take a break. Her body already reacted with Stress symptoms like constipation and frequent tension headaches. But she didn't know why she had these complaints.

The doctor also found no medical causes. In an energy medicine session we were able to find out that she had inherited the stress levels of her ancestors, especially the Escape trauma of one of her grandmothersthat she was involved with.

She passed on this escape information to Sandra. That's why they were stored in her system and caused this stress in her life. In the energy-medical work we have dissolved Sandra's entanglement with her grandmother and erased the stressful information from her subtle energy field. Afterwards she felt stronger with herself, had much more strength and lust for life and her grandmother's soul could go in peace.

Inheriting stress - how is that possible?

Scientists from the fields of Psychology, epigenetics and neurobiology have been able to demonstrate in recent years that trauma can be passed on over generations, particularly through entanglements in the family system and through genetic information. That is to say: We can still suffer from the burdens of our ancestorswho lived on Earth long before we did.

It does not matter whether they are still alive or not, whether we knew them personally or not. We can carry information from up to 14 generations before us in our genetic material. After that the information automatically becomes weaker and weaker so that it no longer burdens us. So time does indeed heal even the deepest wounds - but it may take an enormous amount of time.

But not every trauma is passed onbut only those that could not be processed by the persons concerned and were instead repressed - which often happened during times of war and famine, as people had to struggle to survive at that time and, moreover, in most cases did not yet have the corresponding psychological knowledge.


In such cases the traumas lead a kind of shadowy existence and are passed on through the family field until someone breaks the chain, looks at the event and brings it into healing or transformation. Today we have this knowledge and many good methods to free ourselves from such burdens.

Our parents and grandparents cleared away the material debris of the wars. We, the war grandchildren and war grandchildren generations, now have the task of clearing away the energetic and emotional debris.

How to find out if you suffer from the inherited stress of your ancestors

How can you tell if a stress is not your personal stress but an inherited stress? How can you recognize that you suffer from the stress of your ancestors?

1. examine your own life

First, see if the Causes of your stress in your everyday life are to be found. Go through all the areas of your life: living, order, environment, partnership, children, job, studies, health, friends etc.

You can also get a simple Checklist by listing your different areas of life and writing about how high your felt Stress levels is there - from 1 (minimum) to 10 (very high). Work on those areas of life that involve a high level of stress, and do the check again after a few months to check.

2. get a body check

Go to the doctor's office and get a doctor. Body check to make sure that the stress is not caused by undetected diseases.

A tip, especially for women: Be prepared to be HPU/KPU test! This is a so far still little known Metabolic disorderwhich causes a detoxification weakness and can cause numerous diffuse complaints.

3. ask your intuition

If you have a good intuition, you can introspect and just ask the clear question, "Is my problem (name the problem) from the ancestral line?" Usually, you will then feel a very clear inner "yes" or "no".

If a "yes" comes, one can continue to ask: "What helps to solve the problem? Can I solve it myself, or should I seek professional help?"
(See tips below)

4. answer these 21 test questions

Check whether one or more of the following 21 statements apply to you:

When I think of my family...

  1. ... I feel strangely uncomfortable.
  2. ...I suddenly become aggressive or sad.
  3. stress symptoms are increasing.
  4. ...sometimes I have emotions that feel strange.
  5. ...I'd like to move on to something else quickly.
  6. ...I often have the feeling of being befogged or confused.
  7. ...I often feel like I'm not quite myself.
  8. ...I notice a certain person comes to mind quite often.
  9. ...I often feel like I'm not alone in my body.
  10. ... I find that I often talk to a family member who has already passed away.
  11. the fate of one or more of my ancestors is particularly close to my heart.
  12. ... I may not look at some of my ancestors.
  13. ... I hold on to inherited objects excessively, even though I don't really like them.

In general...

  1. ... I have the feeling that stress is latently present in my life all the time.
  2. ...I often feel like I'm on the run.
  3. ...I feel stressed by strangers.
  4. ... the waves of refugees in recent years have caused me enormous stress.
  5. ...I'm under stress mainly because of a lack of topics in my life.
  6. ... stress only occurs in special situations. (If so, which ones?)
  7. ...I often feel closer to the dead than to the living.
  8. ... my body shows conspicuous reactions that have no medical cause or where the therapies are not effective.

The more times you answer "yes" here, the more likely it is that you still have familial predispositions exist are. However, the questions only serve as a rough initial assessment and do not replace individual consultation.

What you can do

As already written above, there is a lot of knowledge about this topic today and also different methods that can help to get out of Catching the ancestor entanglements and free it from inherited burdens.


There are some things you can do yourself, as well as professional solutions, but they belong in the hands of experienced experts. These include methods from the shamanic energy medicine or the systemic family branches.

My 5 most important tips that you can apply yourself

1. Meditation

Do an ancestor meditation where you imagine that your ancestors are behind you. Honor their lives and destinies - it is good for everyone and it helps you to distance yourself from their destinies. If it feels right for you, thank them also for your life, because they all made sure that you exist today. And you are a gift to the world!

2nd prayer

Light a candle for your ancestors and pray for them, so that they may all find their peace and go completely into the light. Ask Archangel Michael for help, because among other things he is responsible for accompanying the souls of the deceased into the light. Proceed intuitively: Perhaps you have the impulse to light an ancestor candle every evening for three days in a row.

3rd ancestral altar

Set up an ancestral altar where you place photos and objects of your ancestors. With this you also honour your ancestors.

4. return ritual

Perform a ritual in which you consciously give back to your ancestors everything you have taken over that does not belong to you. You can symbolically choose a stone for this, into which you let the inherited things flow through your heart and your hands and/or you blow it three times into the stone.

5. follow your intuition

Do what your inner voice and your heart show you! Maybe you feel the need to visit a place where your ancestors lived. Or maybe you just want to put some special flowers on their grave. Whatever it is - follow it and trust your inner guidance!

In the days following your ancestor work, pay attention to whether you Messages from your ancestors get. For example, you may feel them in your heart and they may thank you.

Professional help

If these tips don't work, get yourself professional assistance. Sometimes you just need someone who's trained View from outside looks at the situation and together with you can solve the burdens and entanglements.

I recommend to start with self-help first, because often it helps if the ancestors feel perceived once again and we perform very simple rituals for them. It can be enough to light a candle for them, to consciously think of them in love and to thank them. However, if these small rituals do not lead to any relief, one should choose professional solutions.

By the way, you do this clarification work primarily for yourself, but your ancestors as well as the children and grandchildren in your family also benefit from it. Because the liberation work brings redemption and peace to the entire family system.

Get the free e-book on the subject!

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This article is a guest contribution from Karin Myria Pickl.


I am shamanic medicine woman, medium, herbal whisperer, author and speaker. My mission is to help people to become free from the burdens of the past, to find their calling and to live fulfilled on their holy path of the heart. I accompany in individual coaching sessions and online workshops.