stress management - offers of the health insurance companies

Stress management: Offers of the health insurance companies

Sport, tai chi, Yoga or Qigong - there are many ways to combat stress. Many health insurance companies offer their customers Programs and products for effective stress management on. We provide an overview:



The AOK anti-stress programmes show you ways to a relaxed life. The individual four-week training programme "Stress under control" analyses which situations are stressing you. As a result, you will receive a personal assessment from stress expert Dr. Manfred Oetting and your individual 4-week training program. The program analyzes the causes of stress at work and gives concrete tips to tackle work more calmly in the future.
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At the Barmer you will receive help in reducing stress. With courses on "stress management through mindfulness" you will learn how to deal with and reduce stress in the long term. The courses are based on the MBSR programme (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction). This method of stress management relies on mindfulness and serves both to prevent stress-related diseases and to treat chronic diseases.
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We support your health care with our health courses in the areas of stress, exercise, nutrition and substance abuse. We are also breaking new ground in the field of e-health. Simply select a suitable course for you from the various offers and decide whether you would prefer to do something for your health online or on site.
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Whether it's professional overload, stress at school or the double burden of family and job - the DAK-Gesundheit promotes established, scientifically based programmes for stress management that take your personal situation into account. In this way, you can relax mentally and prevent illnesses such as high blood pressure, sleep disorders and stomach problems.
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Choose from our nationwide range of health courses - as preventive health measures for all civilisation diseases. With our health course search, you can find quality-tested health courses in the areas of exercise, nutrition, relaxation and addictive substances - close to you.
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In the TK relaxation courses, you will learn how to relax mentally and physically through various methods. In this way, you can also cope with stressful situations with more inner peace. For example, autogenic training or muscle relaxation have a beneficial effect on the entire body. If you also want to include movement in the program, a Far Eastern relaxation technique such as Tai Chi may be the right choice for you.
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