stress management through mindfulness

Stress management through mindfulness

Do you also often feel that time is literally running away from you and that you have to feel rushed? Then you're not alone: many people today are stressed, exhausted and longing for a little time for themselves again. If you know what it's like to rush from one item on your to-do list to the next, and to find yourself in the middle of it all, then you're not alone. Hamster wheel of daily obligations, then learn more about stress management through mindfulness now.

Mindfulness through perception - what does that mean?

Mindfulness is a form of Meditation. When you live mindfully, you experience moments consciously and listen carefully to your inner impulses - without judging them. This is how you learn to live your life decelerate and protect your psyche.

The "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction" or in German stress management through mindfulness, combines traditional Meditation techniques with Yoga- or breathing exercises. In the literature you will find the method of mindfulness under the abbreviation MBSR.

Mindfulness training can look back on a long tradition, as the method of mindfulness already found its origin in the Far Eastern practice of meditation. It deals with a form of intentional Stream of consciousnesswhich is entirely based on the present moment or the here and now aims. Mindfulness within this method means being present in a very specific way, ordered thoughts to follow and perceive only the present moment.

In courses you will learn different meditation exercises, yoga exercises and breathing techniques, which you can use on your own after the training. use in everyday life can.

Mindfulness training - being aware of your own thoughts

In the mindfulness meditation the Observing your thoughts in focus - without controlling them. No thought is better than the other and every train of thought is welcome. With the help of body and breathing exercises you learn to accept your thoughts and to identify with them. Stress management through mindfulness is based on the detachment of thoughts and the ultimate feeling of oneness. In the Psychotherapy mindfulness meditation plays a central role and is used, for example, as a complementary treatment for anxiety disorders and trauma. In mindfulness training you learn:

  • Letting go of your expectations
  • Accept your thoughts and feelings without judgement
  • Watching your breath
  • Scanning your daily activities
  • To perceive your body step by step

In mindfulness training, what matters is, return to the moment and himself consciously concentrate on the body to be able to. In everyday life you can already use the method when brushing your teeth: How does the toothbrush feel, for example?

Where does mindfulness practice come from?

Its roots trace stress management through mindfulness back two and a half thousand years to the ancient Buddhist teaching "Satipatthana Sutra." In 1979, Jon Kabat-Zinn, a professor of medicine, recognized the value of mindfulness practice and the meditations it contains for the demanding life of the 21st century. He developed a systematic program for stress management from the exercises described, which is today known as the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is well known. More and more people are now discovering the positive effects of mindfulness for themselves, so it is not surprising that MBSR has numerous followers worldwide.

How effective is mindfulness meditation MBSR?

The University Medicine of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz has been researching the effects of stress management through mindfulness for ten years. On the one hand, studies show that you can actually lower your personal stress level with mindfulness, as the release of stress hormones such as cortisol is effectively reduced. On the other hand, long-term mindfulness training changes your Brain ArchitectureThis can improve immune function, for example. Patients with alcohol disorders were able to reduce their risk of relapse with the help of the exercises.

The Health insurance companies support the concept of mindfulness, provide their own courses or alternatively arrange lists with MBSR trainers. The course fees are partly covered.