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Stress prevention during studies - Serenity through meditation and mindfulness

What can you do when the stress of studying gets the better of you? Is there a way to avoid getting into these stressful situations in the first place? As a student, but perhaps also as a pupil, you have certainly already asked yourself these or similar questions. If you are already studying, then you surely know the good advice that is supposed to help you avoid stress, such as: "Just organize yourself better!", "Start studying early enough!", "Just take a break for a day and relax, after that the world looks completely different!".

In most cases - and I I know this from my own experience - you're probably already trying to put this advice into practice anyway. Nevertheless, there are those phases in your studies when you feel like everything is flying around your ears. In these cases stress-PREVENTION already too late. You have tried everything to avoid such a situation and yet it has occurred and the stress has the upper hand again. Maybe you know these situations and ask yourself how you can counteract them.

During my studies, I tried many things to avoid this unhealthy Distress to avoid. In addition to organization and breaks - which are definitely also very important - I went to bed early, got enough sleep, ate healthy and exercised, was out in the fresh air and met up with friends. Still, despite these strategies, I often mentally maneuvered myself into unhealthy situations and thought patterns for me that ended up causing stress.

What really helped me

During my studies, stress was definitely a topic that kept me very busy and interested. Also professionally. Therefore, I was looking for ways to not only learn to deal with stress, but also to prevent it. Through my research and own trial and error, I finally found two interesting approaches that immediately helped me against stressful situations: Meditation and Mindfulness.


Meditation is a tool that has definitely helped me deal with the inner turmoil and stress within me. It is a tool that can help you look inward. Through meditation we can learn calm downBy giving the jumbled thoughts in our head and heart time and space to settle. There are many types of meditation and if you are new to this field, I would advise you to simply search for guided meditations on the internet and start with that - there are many different meditations that are certainly very helpful for the beginning. One type of meditation that you can also use in everyday life is mindfulness.


Mindfulness meditations can also help you again and again in everyday life not to get too hectic. Especially in stressful situations, our thoughts tend to jump from one topic to the next and create a constant restlessness within us. In mindfulness practice you take the time to notice your thoughts, feelings and your body without judging whether what you feel is good or bad. With the attitude "Everything may be" we can counteract stress phenomena.

How you can use meditation and mindfulness for yourself

Maybe you are wondering how you can use mindfulness and meditation to prevent unhealthy stress from arising in the first place. My advice to you is to simply try out whether meditation could be something for you, without thinking about it every day. You may notice an improvement in your well-being, concentration and mental health with each meditation. Or maybe you won't notice anything right away. Be patient, because if you give yourself time to practice and practice meditation and mindfulness, sooner or later you will notice changes.

To develop a helpful daily routine, I recommend the following: Make yourself a rough weekly scheduleDevelop a morning routine that includes a small meditation (10-20 minutes) right at the beginning. Also take a few minutes between each learning sequence to consciously feel into your body without judging. These few minutes will refresh your mind and take the pressure off.

In the long run, meditation can help you reduce the release of the stress hormone cortisol, boost your creativity and improve your sleep. All these and other benefits of meditation will certainly be of great use to you in your studies. However, mindfulness and meditation will also benefit you in other areas of your life. Improve quality of lifeif you give yourself the time and space.

This article is a guest contribution from Giulia Peter


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