stress-through unemployment

Stress due to unemployment

For the general public, an important finding of recent years is hardly comprehensible: Unemployed people are under enormous stress, which can severely limit their daily lives and promote mental illness.

According to a Investigation by the DAK unemployed people suffer more from stress than executives. In addition to the inability to control everyday life, other reasons can be identified that lead to increased stress among the unemployed. For example, they lack the opportunity to identify themselves through their job. Furthermore, many unemployed people find it difficult to implement a structured daily routine due to a lack of guidelines.

Psychosocial burden

Those affected often feel strongly burdened by their situation. It should be emphasised here that unemployed people who find themselves in the situation of unemployment involuntarily suffer from it in particular. It is not possible for them to have complete autonomy over their daily lives and the way they lead their lives, which leads to stress. Particularly in today's meritocracy, it is also significant that the unemployed are not infrequently suffering from feelings of inferiority or guilt suffer.

In addition, the unemployment associated with the financial uncertainty the persons concerned, which may, under certain circumstances, lead to a social isolation can lead to. For example, those affected are sometimes no longer able to participate adequately in social life for financial reasons. Stress can therefore hardly be avoided as an involuntarily unemployed person. For this reason, unemployment is now considered a psychosocial burden.

Consequences and implications

The stress to which the unemployed are exposed has a negative impact in many ways. As a result of stress, the unemployed can suffer from numerous mental and physical illnesses. Particularly noteworthy here are the Depression and psychosomatic complaints. A tendency to aggressiveness or social withdrawal are also conceivable consequences. Stress therefore not only leads to noticeable consequences for the person affected, but also to psychosocial consequences that can have an impact on his or her environment.

counteract stress

The stress caused by unemployment can be alleviated primarily by the Creation of a regular daily routine and a subjectively meaningful activity for the person concerned should be counteracted. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that social contacts are maintained despite the changed personal situation. Withdrawal from previous contacts or other social contacts should be avoided. Isolation is to be avoidedas this increases the stress and thus the complaints.

If there is no prospect of finding suitable employment within a reasonable period of time, the person concerned should consider the possibility of voluntary work to take over. Through this, he can subjectively shape his everyday life in a meaningful way, which has a positive effect on his self-esteem and alleviates stress. In addition, such an activity helps to bring structure into everyday life.

In addition, volunteering keeps the person in a social context and gives him or her the opportunity to regularly in contact with other people. These experiences counteract stress, have a positive effect on his self-esteem and thus contribute enormously to stabilization.

A structured daily routine should also be ensured in other ways. For example, it is helpful to keep fixed bedtimes, to get up at the same time every day and to do other things. Fixed points in everyday life that offer orientation. Furthermore, everyday life should be designed as actively as possible. Regular meetings with friends and relatives should therefore not be cancelled because of a feeling of shame.

It also makes sense, to stay mentally and physically active and thus avoid underchallenge in everyday life. Appropriate activities - reading, sporting activity, etc. - should be incorporated into everyday life. Furthermore, activities that serve to find a new job should not be abandoned. In the best case, writing applications and continuing education are part of everyday life.

Increasing resignation as a result of unsuccessful efforts can be avoided by considering the following new professional opportunities - a change of perspective - can be counteracted. Furthermore, the following help against acute stress Relaxation techniques. In case of severe problems that cannot be solved alone, a doctor or psychotherapist should be consulted.


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