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Which stress type are you?

Do the same situations cause you stress again and again? Tests, time pressure, wanting to please everybody? It's because of your stress type. To make a difference, you have to know him.

There are five personality structures that trigger stress. This is based on a scientific method that Transaction Analysis. Do you want to find out which one is active for you and to what extent? You can find the scientific test in my free ebook. With some helpful Tips for each type.

Your individual stress type is responsible for 90 % of your stress. The external stimulus, for example the deadline of a project, on the other hand, is only 10 %! The thing that really puts pressure on own inner evaluation. So thoughts like "I can't make this appointment!"

And these assessments vary according to the type of stress. The first step to dealing with stress well is to know it! I present three of them here in short form.

The perfectionist. Also known as "Perfect Paul"🧍♂️

He is thorough, precise and careful. But it gets entangled again and again in details and small trivialities, so that finally Expense and result not in proportion stand more. He - or she - plans meticulously and becomes an expert on a topic through extensive research. Because he is so strong focused on the detailshe always finds "the hair in the soup." This leads to him finding other little praise - and motivated.

The fast ones. Also known as "Speedy Bees" 🐝

Everything really goes too slowly for this stress type. They are true Master in multitasking. In discussions, they often interrupt others. And they jump to solutions. However, this often leads to solutions without all important perspectives being sufficiently considered. Careless mistakes become more likely.

At the same time Speedy Bees are extremely motivating for teams and productive. And they use chances & enrich projects with their creativity. This type of stress has a very high stress resistance, but also the highest probability of a Burnout to get.

When stress occurs, stress hormones increase faster than in all other stress types and the risk of heart disease is also increased. Change is appropriate!

The Adjusted. Also known as "Dear Lisa"🧍♀️

She-or he-is the stress guy who always Friendly, endeavouring and loyal is. After all, she wants please others. She also feels responsible for the good of all others. She is the embodied good soul of teams and buffers conflicts. Her ears are always open for others.

But their needs are often overlooked. The reason: you rarely pronounce them! And they say yes too often, even though they basically mean no. As a result, they become dissatisfied and, over time, depressed because they simply feel that they are not receiving enough attention.

Have you found yourself in a guy yet?

In order to know exactly which of the 5 stress types strikes at which proportions in you, scientists have developed a Test with 50 questions designed.

This article is a guest contribution from Verena Kauzleben.


I'm Verena. I am a biomedical scientist, stress trainer and science journalist and I give courses out in the forest and online. I teach how to cope with stress and find confidence. I bring all my knowledge from science, training, courses, webinars etc. into my podcast "Nature Frenzy" and into my posts and stories at Instagram.