Stressed skin: Signs and what really helps

Many hours in front of the computer, Stress at work and in the School, Exhaust fumes or an unhealthy diet: all these stresses are reflected on our skin over time. It is high time to do something about it. We show you how to recognize stressed skin and what you can do about it.

Every day our skin is exposed to a lot of stress. Be it through an unhealthy lifestyle with regular alcohol and nicotine consumption or because of an unhealthy diet. Environmental influences such as dryness and sunlight also have negative effects on an even skin appearance.

But don't worry: With simple changes in everyday life it is possible to improve stressed skin again and Skin diseases caused by stress to be prevented in the long term.

How do you recognize stressed skin?

When the skin is stressed, it loses its resistance. This means that the skin's natural protective shield, the skin barrier, is weakened and more susceptible to dirt, radiation and pathogens.

The skin becomes dry, reddened and skin impurities in the form of blackheads spread. In the worst case, stressed skin then tends to cause allergies and diseases like neurodermatitis or psoriasis.

Three signs of stressed skin

  1. Dryness with itching: If the skin is dry, it loses its elasticity. The skin looks older, itches and tightens.
  2. Redness: Red spots on the skin and rashes are an indication of stressed skin. Frequently reddened spots also indicate dry skin.
  3. Blackheads: Particularly feared are clogged pores, which spread on the skin in the form of blackheads during stress. Blackheads are often a result of hormonal fluctuations, but poor nutrition, excessively oily skin care and even mental stress can also be triggers for the unloved pimples.

The best tips against stressed skin

In order to calm stressed skin again, the first step is to identify the stress trigger. This way you can treat your skin specifically. In the following we will show you the best tips for a relaxed and even skin appearance:

1. drink more water

Our body consists of about 60 percent liquid, which contains, among other things, the majority of salts and minerals, the so-called electrolytes. As an extreme protective shield of our body, the skin depends on the supply of liquid and the minerals it contains. So it can use its Permanently maintain protective functions against harmful environmental influences.


If you drink too little, you will notice traces on your skin after only one day. It appears dry and wrinkled. It is not for nothing that many models swear by drinking about 2-3 litres of water and unsweetened teas per day.

Our tip: Always have a 0.5 - 1 litre bottle filled with water with you. If you still forget to drink water regularly, memory tips will help you.

Watery foods such as cucumbers or watermelon are also an additional beauty booster and a delicious snack for in between.

2. healthy food against stressed skin

If you are prone to blackheads, you should take a close look at your eating habits. Although blackheads can be the result of hormonal changes and incorrect skin care, they can also be the result of Nutrition plays an essential role when it comes to strengthening the skin and sustainable. Because beauty comes from within, as we all know.

Do without sugar

Industrial sugar is an enemy of healthy skin. Those who eliminate sugar completely or at least to a large extent from their diet will have an improved skin texture within a short time.

The reason: sugar reacts with the skin protein and promotes inflammation, which manifests itself in the form Pimples make themselves felt. Because even small amounts are sufficient to make the collagen fibers stick to the skin.

Unsaturated fatty acids for more elasticity

Besides sufficient fluid, healthy fats make an important contribution to an even skin appearance. The right fats not only prevent inflammation, but also make the skin more elastic overall. The aging process is slowed down. No expensive food supplements are needed to consume polyunsaturated fatty acids.

It is sufficient to regularly integrate vegetable oils such as borage, linseed, rapeseed or wheat germ oil into the diet. Even high-fat Fish such as herring, salmon and mackerel provide valuable fats for the skin. An even healthier alternative to pressed oils or animal fat is to consume fats in their natural form. We regularly recommend Avocados, nuts and linseed into the diet.

Practical: This Anti-stress food not only prevent the consequences of stressed skin, but also strengthen the nerves during psychological stress.

Antioxidants for the defence

Our skin is constantly exposed to external influences that cause lasting damage to it. You can imagine the so-called antioxidants as mechanics who repair small damages and make the skin shine again after a general overhaul. Their most important function is to combat free radicals, aggressive molecules that are a natural product of our metabolism.

Important: Free radicals are a fundamental component of the immune system, as they can, for example, detect and kill malignant cancer cells. However, free radicals multiply with increasing age and also attack harmless cells. Early signs of aging become apparent on the skin with the unchecked multiplication of free radicals.

The skin is less resistant, dries out and forms wrinkles.Vitamins and trace elements from food are quickly stored in the skin and have an antioxidant effect. foods with a high vitamin C content, such as red and blue berries protect the skin from stress and slow down the aging process.

Protection by spices

Ginger, turmeric and cinnamon, as well as basil and sage not only ensure a slender line but are also a real beauty elixir. The pungent spices as well as the essential oils of the herbs work anti-inflammatory and promote the blood circulation of the skin for an even and fresh complexion.

3. taking a close look at skin care and cosmetics

Often it is not a lack of fluids and an unhealthy diet that puts a strain on our skin. Also the incorrect skin care can put the skin under unnecessary stress. In doing so, it should relax the skin and be sustainably improved through care.

Numerous manufacturers today advertise products for sensitive skin, a rejuvenated skin appearance or miracle cures for blackheads. Today, make-up has to last a long time, melt into the skin and retouch wrinkles and unevenness.


However, many products work in the opposite direction and improve the skin only visually and for a short time. Permanently the skin condition suffers and is increasingly under stress. To prevent this, it helps to take a second look at Ingredients of cosmetics to throw and aggressive ingredients to avoid.


Fragrances contained in many cosmetic products are often allergenicity triggers. Besides the generic term "perfume", the following fragrances are listed separately: Linalool, Limonene, Geraniol and Citronellol. Even ingredients that are mixed with Benzyl- begin, denote fragrances, for example Benzyl Alcohol and Benzyl salicylate.


You can recognize the ingredient by the suffix -eth or at a PEG in the designation. Emulsifiers ensure that fat and water can combine in body care products. The disadvantage: emulsifiers dry out the skin more and morebecause they bind not only the fat in the face and body cream, but also the skin's own fat.

Mineral oil

It replaces high-quality vegetable oil, but does not provide the skin with any nutrients. Mineral oil also seals the skin surface. Thus the skin can no longer be supplied with minerals. Germs and bacteria multiply. The consequence: Blackheads and acne spread. Mineral oil can be found in a variety of names among others: Ceresin, Vaseline, Microcrystalline Wax, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum ect.


The plastic is produced from crude oil and is replaced, like mineral oil, vegetable oils in cosmetics. Although the appearance of the skin appears improved at first sight after the use of silicone-containing products, in the long run the silicone prevents the skin from regenerating. Also vitamins do not reach the deeper skin layers anymore. Whether silicones are contained can be recognized by the endings -cone and -xane.


Make-up is also suspected of clogging pores and thus straining the skin. This is true for many products, especially for liquid and creamy foundations and compact make-up. Therefore it is better to use powdery mineral make-up. Even after hours the powder particles do not settle in the pores - the skin remains even and beautiful.

Practical: The mineral-based make-up contains anti-inflammatory and caring minerals such as silicon, iron and magnesium. Thus the make-up has a protective effect and prevents stress-related skin impurities.

Sun protection

Sun protection is a must in daily skin care. Because UV light not only makes the skin age faster, but also promotes the formation of cancer cells. Many cosmetics now contain a sun protection factor (SPF). However, anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors should also apply sunscreen.

4. less stress in everyday life

Also stress at work, in the Relationship and in the Family can cause lasting damage to the skin and lead to inflammation and signs of aging. Therefore it is important to to create balance in stressful situations.

Text: Natalie Grolig