Superfoods: Why Chia & Co. can help with mental stress

It's no big secret that a healthy diet supports and promotes physical well-being. Thus provide the right nutrients in favour of a vital lifeThey prevent various diseases and can even make us appear younger. But also the mental condition can be significantly favored by the right nutrients.

We haven't known that since yesterday. After all, the saying was already true in ancient Rome: mens sana in corpore sano. According to the saying, there's a sound mind in sound body. But what is the best way to achieve a healthy mind and body by means of a common diet?

Valuable nutrients thanks to superfoods

Superfoods have been on everyone's lips for some time now. This term is only used to describe natural foods that shine with above-average nutritional values. Even more, they are said to have health-promoting properties, which are sometimes also scientifically proven.

Superfoods are now found everywhere in various colors and forms: Whether as pure natural product at the supermarket, when Smoothie additive in the café or as Food supplements in the online shop. The areas of application for which the various superfoods are supposed to provide relief appear to be just as numerous.

Garcinia Cambogia (Malabar tamarind), for example, is often considered a weight loss miracle in this country, sold in capsules. Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, is said to strengthen the immune system. The valuable nutrients of the Goji berries are said to be beneficial for Insomnia are supposed to help.

Herbal help for the psyche

Meanwhile, some superfoods also offer themselves as a wonderful herbal alternative to prescription drugs. Especially with everyday stress, we often forget to listen to the danger signs of the body. Difficulty concentrating coupled with fatigue make us quickly irritable, which in turn causes our vital substance reserves to run low.

St. John's wort and saffron against depressive moods

St. John's wort with its anxiety-relieving properties sounds interesting at first, but scientists could not finally clarify the exact mechanisms of action even in numerous studies. Nevertheless, preparations of St. John's wort are prescribed by doctors even for mild depressive moods.

Saffron is considered another natural antidepressant because it contains a high concentration of B vitamins and carotenoids - nutrients that increase serotonin levels in the brain and therefore lift the spirits.

Chia seeds as a remedy for stress

Another superfood that promises relief from mental stress is chia seeds. The seeds, which originally come from Mexico, have, for example, an abundance of important Amino and fatty acidswhich are good for the body and mind, in that they regulate our vital substance balance again. Thus we react the same less nervous and we can focus on the important things in life.

The in Chia seeds contain amino acids tyrosine and tryptophanwhich are interdependent, prevent, for example, hypothyroidism and can provide a more restful sleep. In addition, Chia seeds, with their proportion of Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, reactivate the metabolism and ideally also spare our heart from various diseases.

Not to be neglected is also the high iron content in this extraordinary food. Iron is an important trace element that is particularly notorious for its blood-forming properties. Finally, iron deficiency can also ensure that mental performance is severely impaired.

Accordingly, it is quite advisable to use chia seeds as a "first-aid" for mental ailments. Your source of unsaturated fatty acids and proteins make them an extremely interesting superfood that is rich in valuable ingredients.